A Blast from the Past

Detouricon.pngA Blast from the Past
Unlocks during Chapter 13
  1. Fight the Dragon.
  2. Head for the throne room of Praenost Castle.
  3. Fight Tanta Sila.
  4. Head for Avoalet Castle.
  5. Fight Tanta Prav.
  6. Head for the throne room of Visoria Castle.
  7. Fight the Keeper of the Illusion.
  8. Head for Cipal.
  9. Fight Susurrus.
So you're using Olas's powers to revisit your memories of the past? Very clever. It's certainly more interesting than trying to toughen yourself up by beating endless small-fry. Did you really have to revisit this particular location first, though? It's not exactly like you have happy memories of the place either... Is it?

Ooh, that one was a real action-packed affair, wasn't it? But it did give us our first taste of an actual Challenge in a while, I'll admit. Allright—if you insist on doing this in the same order as last time, I suppose it's off to Praenost next. Head for the castle and let's take another plunge down memory lane, shall we?

Sila, Tanta of Strength, and the most feared warrior in all of Athia... Not even I was sure you could beat her the First Time. And of course, you wouldn't have done without my help. I should be very interested to see if you can improve on your performance.

You know, that was rather enjoyable. Pure, blind luck on your part, of course, but fun nonetheless. So Avoalet next, is it? You do so love being judged.

Our dear old friend the Tanta of Justice. I have such fond memories of being put on trial for utterly spurious reasons, don't you? I actually wondered if you might talk yourself into a summary execution—tact never has been your strong suit. Still, all's well that ends well, I suppose. Speaking of which, let's see if you can prove your innocence a second time.

Prav's ability to manipulate gravity really was something, wasn't it? I still can't quite figure out how her little room of tricks worked... Not that you need such gimmicks with me to help you, of course. All right—Visoria next. Huge, empty castles...my favorite.

Ahh, the Battle of the Insane World of Illusions. An absolute classic. You really had your work cut out with this one. If I hadn't been there to save the day, you'd have been lost here forever—better hope I'm feeling as helpful this time around...

And that's all your former foes dealt with. ...Ah. Except one. The most formidable of all, even if I do say so myself. Can't say I haven't been looking forward to this. Let's head back to Cipal and have added, shall we?

You really are a fool to face me twice. Well, you won't be escaping with your life this time, that's for certain. Strongest of all the Tantas or otherwise, you're no match for me. Now tremble! This ends here! Once and for all!

Prior Quest: Lost Lullabies
Location: Junoon Castle Town
Monsters: Dragon
Senseless Savant
Susurrus: Revenge Incarnate
Tanta Prav (Monster)
Tanta Sila (Monster)
Miscellaneous Rewards: Dragon (Flashback)
Senseless Savant (Flashback)
Susurrus (Flashback)
Tanta Prav (Flashback)
Tanta Sila (Flashback)