Breakbeast Icon.pngAmphicyon
Max. Health 512
Attack 66
Magic Vulnerability Frey's Magic: 🡹 (Strong)
Sila's Magic: 🡻 (Weak)
Prav's Magic: 🡻🡻 (Very Weak)
Olas's Magic: − (Neutral)
Experience 31
Items Dropped Fervid BloomFervid Cluster
Height 8'10"
Weight 909.0 lb
Broken wolves that roam widely across the corrupted areas between Junoon and Visoria. Having once been part of larger packs, they can howl to attract other Breakbeasts—and not just members of their own species, but other creatures as well.
Amphicyon Image.png
Fought at Landmark
Name Chapter
Bhulna Villa Relic of the Tantas
Maaf Village
Redclaw Cavern Cave
Ruins of Mercador Ruined Village