Name Description
A New Government The germ of the idea for Cipal's current mode of governance began to form when Councilwoman Bellette was first fleeing Avoalet. Seeing the chaos around her, she realized that a set of guiding principles would be needed if she and her fellow refugees were to remain united in the absence of the Tantas. Of course, even suggesting such a thing to those still loyal to their beloved leaders was tantamount to heresy, and the council's early years were fought with discord and difficulties.
A Rare Celebration When Frey returned to Cipal after killing Tanta Sila, she found the townspeople holding a party, elated by her triumph. To the long-beleaguered locals, Frey's success was the first real reason they'd had to celebrate after over two decades of living in misery and fear. The city's normally strict food rationing rules were loosened for this special occasion, resulting in a spread the likes of which many young Cipal residents had never seen before.
A Thoughtful Thank-You A flower specially selected for Frey by Treahy from a bouquet presented to him by the children of Cipal. Treahy's unswerving dedication to educating Athia's youth can largely be attributed to Tanta Olas's influence. Though his memories of her are hazy, her teachings appear to have remained firmly implanted in his subconscious. He has great hopes for the next generation of Athians, and would dearly love for Frey to play a part in the shaping of their fertile young minds.
A Tiny Key A small, unadorned key given to Frey by Jennesh.

She doesn't know what it opens, but he clearly wanted her to have it for a reason.

Animal Bone A piece of bone someone gives Frey while she was searching for Robian. It appears to have been part of the unnerving headdress he was wearing when she first met him at the Cognoscents' Guild in Praenost. A closer look reveals it not to be as crude as it might initially appear—it has been meticulously filed into its current shape, and decorated with intricate carvings.
Auden's "Cooking" Arden may be talented at many things, but cooking isn't one of them. She did once enjoy being in the kitchen, but the less than enthusiastic reaction to her...creations seem to have dampened her enthusiasm over time.

It's not entirely her fault, though. Her mother was a very practical woman, and not given to enjoyment of things for their own sake—hardly an inspiring start for a budding culinary artiste.

Auden's Hood The hood Auden gave Frey to wear when she breaks her out of the Tower of Bennoi.

In a city as small as Cipal, any unfamiliar face would stand out as suspicious, hence the need for such a precaution period but while it's helpful, it certainly isn't comfortable—cloth isn't easy to come by in Cipal, and the scraps it was made from are very rough indeed.

Beautiful Bouquet A bunch of flowers Fray received from the children of Cipal as a thank-you for protecting the city. The bright red blooms were all grown within the walls of Cipal, and the neatness of the presentation suggests that a kindly adult probably lent a helping hand.
Cipal The last bastion of humanity in a world ravaged by the Break.

Cipal was founded as an independent territory beyond the jurisdiction of any single one of Athia's realms. As its primary purpose was to act as a neutral place for the four Tantas to meet, it was very quiet for most of the year, with no more than a few hundred residents. However, as the Break continued to spread, and increasing numbers of people fled their homes in terror, the city soon found itself overrun with tens of thousands of refugees.

Today, Cipal is divided into the upper and lower cities. While the rations the Council provides are distributed evenly between both districts, the discrepancy between the two in terms of quality of life is hard to ignore.

Crest of the Guards A badge bearing the symbol of the city guard, presented to Frey by Milia on behalf of the defenders of Cipal.

The Crest is the symbol of the guards' solemn dedication to protecting the people of the city—a duty that they strive to perform to the best of their ability every single day. After witnessing Frey's heroism, Milia and her fellow guards specially requested Dax's permission to make Frey an honorary member, a title that they all—Dax included—felt that she had more than earned.

Cviceni Square The square in Upper Cipal where the mausoleum is located. Well it is much quieter than Obrana Square, it once played a central role in Athian culture, as it was where the annual Right of Remembrance was held. People from every Realm in Athia would gather to pay their respects to the dead in this moving ceremony. Nowadays, the most activity the square sees is Dax's drills with the city guard.
Handmade Bookmark A bookmark Auden made for her parents as a child. It features a drawing of the Keen family, as well as a heartfelt "I love you!" scrawled on the back.

While the many years have passed since its creation have left it somewhat discolored, it's in remarkably good condition for its age—probably due to the painstaking care with which it has been treated.

Harkiska Grove This land was one set aside for locals to cultivate their own produce. In the years since the Break arrived, however, it has been transformed into a larger scale operation that can provide enough vegetables and medicinal herbs for the entire city. The calming Greenery also makes it a popular destination for a contemplative stroll.

All the produce harvested here is taken to a storehouse in Upper Cipal, where officials determine how it should be distributed between the various parts of the City.

In the center stands a great ballow tree, a sacred symbol deeply revered by the people of Athia.

Jennesh's Diary A journal that offers some insight into the events surrounding the fall of Junoon, as observed by Jennesh. It was once kept locked to maintain its author's privacy, but time has rendered the locking mechanism useless.

While Jennesh strove to maintain a dispassionate air in his writing, the pain and anger he experienced at witnessing the crumbling of his homeland and his Tanta's pregnancy and subsequent disappearance shine through regardless.

Just a Knife Eleph's actual knife was disposed of by a well-meaning auger's aid, but Frey was able to find it and return it to its troubled owner. Though Eleph seemingly has yet to decide how he feels about Frey, witnessing his inner torment reminded her of just how many lives the Greak has affected, and how many remain for her to protect. This otherwise unremarkable knife serves as a reminder of that important lesson.
Kiski Meadow While this peaceful pasture, with its free-roaming sheep, might be relaxing in another setting, it's proximity to the city graveyard lends it an eerie air that keeps most visitors at bay. Meat is hard to come by in Cipal these days, and despite trying to increase output, all attempts have been met with misfortune of one kind or another—be it disease or outright theft.
Map of Athia Given to Frey by Auden, this detailed map depicts all four of Athia's Realms: Junoon, Praenost, Avoalet, and Visoria. And in the very center sits Cipal. Before the coming of the Break, people traveled freely throughout these lands, but those days are now over, and no one knows what has become of the places this map depicts.
Medical Textbook This weathered medical textbook has clearly seen a lot of use over the years. The writing is still just about legible, but it's largely incomprehensible to anyone unfamiliar with the field of medicine.

Judging by The Bookmark sandwiched between its pages, Robian was reading about contagious diseases and how to prevent their spread. Given how much he cares for the people of Cipal, it seems likely he was trying to apply his knowledge to finding a cure for the Break.

Obrana Square In the days before the Break, Cipal wasn't much more than a quiet collection of buildings standing serenely amid the beauty of nature. Despite the ravages of time and recent events, Obrana Square retains the tranquility of this peaceful past, with its sweeping stairway and dignified stone pillars creating a sense of airy openness. Townspeople gather here at all hours of the day to exchange goods and information, or just to pass the time.
Odvaha Ore an extremely rare or found only in mountainous Praenost, and even there in only very small quantities. Tanta Sila had her distinctive armor made with the highly prized metal it produces. The ore itself glimmer's bright red, and is seen as a symbol of the realm where it is found. The people of Praenost once believed that it conferred the protection of the Tantas.
Old Lady's List A list of the flowers the woman in Cviceni Square needs.
-Tall Aster
-Junoon's Mantle
-Shore Violet
Partha A dice-like object with symbols on some of its faces. Partha were originally used by the people of Junoon for everyday fortune telling, such as divining the best hunting spot, and also for more speculative questions, such as whether one might become rich or not. The custom eventually spread all over Athia, and partha can still be seen in common use today.
Record of the Dead A list of all those who have perished in Athia's recent troubles.

"This, their names here in recorded, The lost are there due worth afforded." Tanta Prav passed these words on to Bellette, and Bellette passed them to Frey, along with the responsibility they represent: To see that no more lives are lost, and that no more such records need to be created.

Smithing Tools The tools of Johedy's old trade.

While no one has used them in many a year, the metal still gleams underneath layers of dust. They are made from odvaha, and require great strength and skill to use effectively—a strength and skill that Johedy demonstrated handily when she forged the mighty Tanta Sila's armor.

Tapestry Depicting Praenost Castle a tapestry that once hung in the halls of Praenost Catle. It was given to Frey by Councilwoman Dax. Dax herself received it from Tanta Sila in recognition of her faithful service to Praenost. Sila's words on that occasion have stayed with her ever since: "True power can only be wielded by those prepared to see their Duty done." She gave it to Frey in the hopes that it would remind her of her own Duty, and the necessity of seeing it through.
The Archives The archives are home to nearly every last scrap of knowledge remaining to the city of Cipal. The shelves are stocked with everything from old Cognoscent research reports to fairy tales and Sheet Music.

Johedy the archivist carries out her duties with the eye of a hawk, ensuring that no book is ever removed from the premises without her express permission. But since hardly anyone ever visits, the bigger worry is that these carefully preserved records will do little except gather dust.

The Council Chambers The meeting place of the committee that oversees the day-to-day running of Cipal.

Important public hearings and other meetings are held here, and as Frey discovers firsthand, it also occasionally serves as a courtroom. While the business of the council is usually conducted behind closed doors, the chambers are open to all Commerce want to trial is being held, attracting spectators from both the upper and lower city.

The Council of Cipal Officially known as the Council of Representatives, this interim governing body was created in order to manage Athia's affairs in the absence of the Tantas.

When the rest of Athia fell to the Break and the Tantas were lost, the Council took up the former rulers' Collective mantle and did its best to rule the survivors who remained. Today, the four councillors divide their responsibilities equally, and strive to preserve Cipal's fragile peace. As the years pass and the Break shows no signs of receding, however, tensions in the city grow higher and higher.

The Dump The junkyard Olevia affectionately nicknamed "Finders Keepers."

The trash was once disposed of outside the city limits, but this practice had to stop when it became too dangerous to leave the City. Mountains of unwanted goods have accumulated here in the year since, to the dismay of the Council—and the delight of the local children.

The Frey A special drink infused with fresh, homegrown spices by the tavernkeeper of the Shady Tree.

Ingredients sourced from the city's gardens tend to taste somewhat bland, but you wouldn't guess it from a sip of this pleasantly sweet and spicy concoction. It's clear that the tavernkeeper took great pains to put together a cocktail worthy of the new Cipal.

Frey likes how it tastes... She just wishes it had a different name.

The Laws of Cipal With the sudden loss of Athia's leaders, and tens of thousands of refugees suddenly forced to coexist in close proximity, Councilwoman Bellette quickly realized that a new legal and political system was needed for this new Cipal.

Under the system she devised, the Council of Cipal—a pre-existing body consisting of representatives from each realm appointed by the Tantas—would take charge of the city and establish a new legal code based on the laws of the realms. While this Union faced many growing pains in the years that followed, that Cipal is as peaceful as it is today is a testament to Bellette's vision and leadership.

The Mausoleum This ancient structure is older than Cipal itself, though nobody knows when exactly it was built. It is more than just a building to the Athians, who believe that the souls of the departed come here to rest for all eternity. The precise origin of this belief is unclear, but generations of Athians have treated the mausoleum as a place of worship and reflection, and to this day, visitors can be seen offering up thanks and prayers.
The People's Liberator When Cipal was attacked by Susurrus, the townspeople were caught between the Break outside the city and the deadly monster within. Frey kept her head amid the chaos, however, and set out to save as many lives as she could, proving herself to be a true hero in the process.
The Shady Tree A tavern run by a bar man who really knows his booze. Being the only recreational establishment left in Cipal, the Shady Tree has become an irreplaceable part of the townspeople's lives. Auden offers the occasional bit of help behind the bar in exchange for the use of a room upstairs.

It's surprisingly stately appearance can be attributed to the fact that the building was used as a school in the days before the Break. When refugees began arriving in the city, Robian converted it into a temporary shelter, and it quickly became a popular gathering place, which gave the current proprietor the inspiration to turn it into an inn.

The Tower of Binnoi The building in which Cipal's criminals and wrongdoers are imprisoned.

It was originally built as a watchtower, and still offers far-reaching views across Athia. Sadly, that means seeing how close the Break has come to the city, which means there are very few visitors these days except prisoners and their guards.

Wallace's Songs A list of Wallace's songs, presented to Frey by the maestro himself.

His...highly imaginative titles are here for her to use upon whenever she pleases: "The Ballad of the Enormously Clever Person of Cipal," "The Horrible Terror of Praenost," and "A Shiny, Shiny Bright and New Cipal."

Wallace can be found in the square most days, entertaining all who pass with tunes that seem to grow more rousing by the day. And he's always happy to take a request, should Frey wish to hear something specific.