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Frey: Birth of a Legend Tanta Cinta's beloved daughter.

The word "Alfre" is intricately embroidered on the blanket in which her mother wrapped her. Cinta sent her infant child to New York, a city in a land far from Athia, in order to protect her from Susurrus's influence. Little did she realize that the demon would slip through the portal with her, setting up the events of twenty-one years later

Frey: Guardian of All Athia The hero who saved Athia from the demon Susurrus by sealing him away within her very own body. Though she cleansed Cipal of the Corruption, she has thus far been unable to repeat the feet elsewhere. Despite this, she still does what she can, traveling the land with Cuff on her wrist, and Auden and Johedy back at home to help her.
Frey: Journey's Beginning A modern-day New Yorker who suddenly finds herself transported to another world. Desperate to get home to her beloved cat Homer, she sets out on a search for a way to return.

For unknown reasons, she is now able to use magic, and unlike the locals, is seemingly unaffected by the corruption that ravages the land

She also has a new companion: Cuff, a smart talking sentient bracelet.

Frey: Tanta of Tantas The mightiest Sorceress in all of Athia.

Having absorbed the power of all four Tantas, she resolves to Vanquish Susurrus and protect her newfound Home.

The combined power she wields is capable of driving back the Corruption itself.

Frey A resident of Hell's Kitchen who's just about to turn 21.

Having been abandoned as a baby near the entrance to the Holland Tunnel, she spent the years that followed moving from one foster home to the next. Upon graduating from high school, she set out to make a life for herself in the city.

Despite her repeated run-ins with the law since then, she's determined to make a clean break somewhere new.

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