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Name Description
Alice in Wonderland Frey's favorite story book tells the tale of a young woman transported to a fantastical realm—something she has often wished would happen to her.

She knows that she loves it as much as she does because someone special used to read it to her, but she can't remember when that was, or who it might have been.

Frey's Escape Plan - Get enough cash

- Take care of Giggin (?) shit ONE LAST TIME

- Food and carrier for Homer

- Buy ticket Penn Station

12/23 - LEAVE

Frey's Sneakers Frey is it normally one for fashion, but she does love a fresh pair of Kicks.

These are her favorites, made by a brand that's currently all the rage in New York. According to reviews by enthusiastic sneakerheads, they're so light that they "almost feel like magic."

Frey's Penlight The pen light Frey gave to Olevia.

She originally bought it for playing games with Homer, but it was with her when she came to Athia, and wound up becoming a potent symbol of her friendship with the young orphan.

After Sila's raid on Cipal and Olevia's untimely death, Frey kept it as a memento of their all-too-brief time together, and a reminder of a young life needlessly lost.

Frey's Phone The phone Frey uses to stay in touch with the world.

At least that's what it's supposed to be for—it's mostly filled with pictures of the adorable Homer. Unfortunately, Athia doesn't seem to get cell phone coverage, so she can only use the camera.

High School Diploma and Old Photograph A diploma certifying that Frey graduated from Hudson Pier High School, accompanied by a photograph from her file supplied by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services.

An old report from her file reads: "While Alfrey has been placed in six foster homes to date, most of these placements have been terminated for a variety of caregiver-related reasons. It should be noted that she has maintained excellent academic performance despite these frequent upheavals. Her current caregivers do not believe she will choose to remain in their care upon completing her high school education."

Music Box A music box Frey found in Junoon Castle.

Turning the handle attached to the side causes Brahms's Lullaby to play, and inscribed inside the lid is a message:

"To my dearest Alfre. Know that wherever you may be, I am always with you. Your Loving Mother."

New York City A bustling metropolis dominated by a dazzling sea of skyscrapers. But danger lurks in the shadows cast by the bright city Lights.

Those lights shine even brighter at Christmas, as decorations are strong and families gather for the holiday season. Sadly, for the lonely Frey, these sites bring no holiday joy at all...

Newspaper Clipping and Baby Photo Newborn Found Near Holland Tunnel

A newborn abandoned near the entrance to the Holland Tunnel was recovered by the FDNY late last night after a tip-off from a passerby.

The baby girl is currently under observation at the Midtown Medical Center, and is reported to be in good health. Her family has yet to be located, but first responders believe the word "Alfre," embroidered on the blanket in which the child was wrapped, May hold a clue to the child's identity.

Despite extensive examination of surveillance footage, authorities have yet to identify any potential leads. Members of the public who believe they may have relevant information are urged to come forward.

Record of Arrest and Prosecution FULL NAME: Holland, Alfre

CHARGES: Grand larceny, resisting arrest

PLACE OF MOST RECENT ARREST: W 47th St & 1th Ave, New York, NY

SEX: Female

HEIGHT: 5' 11"


Shoebox An old shoe box in which Frey keeps the few clues she has about her past. It contains three things: a photograph of her on the night she was discovered outside the Holland Tunnel, another one of the tunnel itself taken on the same night, and the blanket she was found wrapped in, embroidered with the name "Alfrey."