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Name Description
A Land Lost 6/24/3878

"Athia was once a rich and vibrant land, full of life and laughter. But then, the Corruption came, and from the first day it emerged, it was clear that nothing would ever be the same again for its once-carefree people. Those it touched were lost forever. Those lucky enough to escape it were forced to abandon their homes and flee to Cipal, the only place where safety could be found—or so they believed."

Avoalet's Refugees 2/29/3878

A detailed diary, written to try and keep track of time in the dark of the cave in which the author was hiding. They seem to have fled from a village somewhere, and judging by the writing, they were living in a constant state of terror, and barely surviving on a diet of mushrooms and weeds. The writer mentions Bellette, who seems to have been of some assistance in their and others' escape.

Avoalet's Betrayal 3/3/3878

"As if she had not done enough to terrorize her people, Prav's final act of depravity was to carry out what she euphemistically dubbed 'assisted containment.' in other words, she forced those who tried to flee in fear of her tyranny to remain. And she did so by trapping them in buildings the Corruption was certain to consume. Imagine—condemned by the ruler you once worshiped to spend your final hours in abject Terror, awaiting a certain and agonizing death..."

Avoalet's Misgovernment 2/17/3878

"Tanta Prav's sense of fairness was warped to the point where she was driven to insist upon the same misery for all, forcing those from areas not yet afflicted by the Corruption to move to those that were. And when those who obeyed her edicts arrived at their destination, of course, they fell—either to the Corruption or the debased creatures it brought with it."

Avoalet's Misjudgment 2/10/3878

"We thought the law was meant to protect the innocent. But when Prav lost her mind, she used it to do the opposite. She passed laws forbidding us from leaving Avoalet, even as the Corruption encroached. And she executed anyone who broke those laws, no matter their reasons. The upshot? When the Corruption and the monsters finally arrived, people stayed to be slaughtered rather than risk incurring Prav's wrath..."

Boy's Diary: Discord 6/30/3878

"Robian said there couldn't be any survivors left in Junoon, and that we needed to head back to Cipal. Jennesh just said no. He said there were still places he had to search, and then he left. So he's been looking for someone. I wonder who.. .We tried to head back the way we came, but the road had already been swallowed by the corruption. The path we had to take instead is really steep, and...I'm not even sure we're going the right way... But I trust Robian. I have to."

Boy's Diary: The Journey Continues 3/11/3878

"We were near Cipal anyway, so we stopped in to get some supplies. Robian has a young daughter. I was sure he'd want to spend some time with her while we were back, but he said we couldn't stay. That there were people out there who still needed our help. And he's right--my mum and dad are still out there waiting for us."

Boy's Diary: Ambushed 2/22/3878

"Robian shook me awake in the middle of the night and said we had to leave right away. I was still half asleep, and I didn't have a clue what was going on, but I just dragged myself up and stumbled after him. I heard screams behind us, and what sounded like monsters... But I didn't look back. I couldn't. It was only when we finally got far away enough to do a head count that I realized more than half of us hadn't made it..."

Boy's Diary: Day of Departure 1/23/3878

"Finally I get to set out with Robian's rescue party! We're going to get out there, and we're going to save people. Who knows—we might even save my mum and dad. Robian came and asked me today if I was sure I wanted to go with them. I told him 'Of course.' I'm going to help others, just like he helped me."

Boy's Diary: Familiar Ground 6/17/3878

"We got to Junoon, and we were just coming up to one of those fields of herbs they have there when Robian stopped and started staring off at the horizon. He told me we were standing right where he and his wife used to stand. He seemed very sad. Anyway, while we were getting ready to move on, a man called Jennesh found us and said he'd come to join the rescue party. I'm not sure I like him much, but Robian seemed very pleased to see him."

Boy's Diary: Memories 8/13/3878

"I knew deep down my mum and dad were dead. I've known it all along. So why am I even trying to get back to Cipal? What's the point? Robian's the one who needs to get back. He says the research he left in Praenost to may be the secret to saving everyone. And he's never going to get there and all the way back to Cipal if he's got me to worry about. So I've decided—I'm going to sneak off tonight without telling him. He'll be better off without me. And one day, he'll prove that we didn't do all this for nothing. I know he will. Goodbye, Robian..."

Boy's Diary: Robian's Persuasion 1/26/3878

"We found some survivors in a village in Praenost. They seem to think they had no hope of escaping to safety, but Robian convinced them otherwise. We gave them a map, and off they went to Cipal. Only he could have won them round like that. He's a true hero."

Boy's Diary: The Corruption Spreads 2/9/3878

"We found some people in a village the Corruption was about to swallow. They were confused and terrified and screaming about how it was all over. But Robian calmed them down, and got them together their things and leave the village. He's amazing. All the members of the rescue party are. I have to try to be as good as them..."

Boy's Diary: The Long Road Home 7/15/3878

"We've been trying to find our way back to Cipal with the rest of the rescue party, but some got attacked by monsters, and others were swallowed by the Break, and...we tried to keep going, but we just had to stop. Robian did his best to convince us all not to give up, but... we'd all given up already... And then he said even if it was just me and him, at least some of us had to try and get home. ...So I'm going to do it. I'm going to try and make it back with him."

Boy's Diary: Wagon-Bound 7/31/3878

"Robian told me all kinds of Stories. I just lay there on the cart and listened. I couldn't do much else—my legs really badly wounded. We were attacked by monsters, and I heard it trying to get away. He's been pushing me a long, telling me it's not far now to Cipal. He's so kind... Lying there, watching the Sky Go by above me, I couldn't help thinking of all the people we've lost. And then I was crying... And I couldn't stop..."

Destruction in Praenost 4/13/3878

"A detachment of soldiers set out from Praenost to escort a group of elderly citizens and children to safety in Cipal. However, they were ambushed on the road by Sila's deranged puppets. Seeing that they themselves had no hope of escaping, they resolved to buy their charges some time, and plunged into battle with no thought for themselves. The people managed to make it to safety. But every last one of those brave soldiers was lost."

Junoon Combats the Break 12/27/3877

"And we thought ourselves safe... Reports are pouring in of creatures afflicted by the Corruption having been cited here in Junoon. And now we seek to raise an army to drive them back. But what do we know of war? This is not Praenost..."

Junoon Debates the Break 9/25/3877

"When news first arrived of the blight afflicting the other realms, Robian Keen was quick to suggest that we do all in our power to aid the Cognoscents of those realms in investigating the phenomenon. Not all were in agreement, however. It was only after certain voices insisting on prioritizing Junoon's own safety had been quieted that Keen's recommendation was followed, and the requisite aid dispatched."

Junoon Investigates the Break 9/28/3877

"It was decided that Cognoscents from each of the Realms would be dispatched to investigate the strange mist-like phenomenon that had arisen. The aim was to discern the origins and causes of the mist, and if possible, to find a cure for the Affliction it brought about. Having received reports of increasing numbers of cases across Athia, the situation was considered urgent enough that Robian Keen was assigned to the investigative detail in the hopes that this might reassure the people."

Praenost's Refugees 2/18/3878

"The Praenostian forces retreated en masse to their fortresses, and were beset by citizens seeking refuge. Though they did not wish to abandon their countrymen, they did not have the supplies it would have taken to feed such numbers. Torn as to the best course of action, some left to escort the needy to Cipal, while the remainder chose what they thought to be safety within the walls."

Praenost's Destruction 9/29/3877

The Corruption crept ever onward, out from the castle and on into the city, turning all those it touched into slavering beasts who set upon their fellow townspeople without mercy. Those quick enough to see what was happening fled with only the clothes on their backs. Of those left behind, not a single one survived. Amid the chaos and despair, though, one brave young man fought to protect his sister, his knife gripped tightly to the very last."

Slaughter in Praenost 3/29/3878

"Tanta Sila, having seemingly lost her mind entirely, ordered the borders clothes, and dispatched her soldiers to Villages across the realm, with orders to force the people they found there to battle them. The villagers had no weapons, and were forced to take up scythes and sickles. Alas, their makeshift arms could do little against such inhuman power, and they were slaughtered without mercy.

The Break Spreads through Junoon 12/28/3877

"The fields of Junoon, whence such heady herbal scents had drifted for so many years, and in whose soil so many lifesaving medicines had grown... When the Corruption encroached yet further, it was these fields that the people sought to protect above all else. But how does one drive back the tide? Their efforts were for nothing, and the miasma took their livelihoods and then their lives swiftly, and without mercy."

The End of the World 12/31/3878

The Break wiped out 99% of Athia's population within a year of first appearing, either directly or indirectly. Those who are not turned into mindless beasts by it were slain by those who had been—or worse, by the Tantas they once trusted to rule over them. The scarce few lucky enough to find their way to Cipal we're the only ones to survive.

The Fall of Avoalet 9/27/3877

"Several days after news first arrived of the strange affliction observed in Praenost, the same was reported in Avoalet. Guards were dispatched to investigate a village from which such a report was received, but upon arrival, discovered that the settlement had been all but destroyed. Having eliminated the creatures responsible, the guards proceeded to search for bodies in order that they might be properly buried. However, surprisingly few were discovered, leading to hopes that the majority of the villagers may in fact have escaped."

The Fall of Praenost 9/24/3877

"A troop of soldiers were dispatched to a village in a far-flung corner of Praenost to further investigate the miasma. Certain of the villagers had come into contact with the mysterious mist, and began to lose their memories, assailed by terrifying visions all the while. Their affliction only worsened, and after several days, they had grown frenzied and uncontrollably violent, attacking friends and neighbors indiscriminately. The soldiers stepped in to protect the people, but their bravery unveiled them naught—each and every one of them was killed."

The Fall of Tanta Prav 8/1/3877

"Let the proceedings of the court be hereunder recorded. In the matter of the defendant accused of the theft of an apple, the verdict was one of guilt. given the nature of the crime, it was thought that a settlement might be reached. however, the Right Honorable Tanta Prav ruled that no extenuating circumstances be taken into consideration, and that the maximum allowable penalty—that of death— be applied. Upon pronouncement of the verdict, the accused was observed to become agitated, and to demand that the case be reconsidered. The Right Honorable Tanta, seeking to make an example of those who would question her Authority, carried out the sentence there and then."

The Fall of Visoria 9/17/3877

"The Corruption continue to spill from the castle of Visoria, and in the city surrounding it, death and the disease the miasma brought with it held sway. Some were lucky enough to have sensed something terrible a foot and fled while there was still time. For the rest, only despair remained. They were prevented from leaving, and cursed instead to helplessly await their doom. In a matter of days, there were no humans in the city any longer—only the mindless husks the Corruption leaves in its wake."

The Long March from Praenost 2/27/3878

"The Corruption prevented Sila's orders from reaching the garrisons, and in the absence of their Tanta's leadership, confusion reigned among the ranks. One unit leader made ready to evacuate as many citizens as he could to Cipal, but was stopped when certain of his men disagreed, arguing that their own safety was surely paramount. Though they had been deprived of their rulers guiding hand for only a short while, discipline among the well-drilled ranks deteriorated rapidly nonetheless."

The Rise of the Break 9/15/3877: A strange miasma appears in all the realms except Junoon. Cognoscents begin to investigate.

9/22/3877: The miasma, recognized for the danger it represents, is christened "the Corruption," and more Cognoscents are assigned to look into its causes.

12/27/3877: The Corruption is not present in all of Athia's realms, and is steadily spreading.

12/17/3878: The Corruption now covers 80% of Athia. All investigations cease as the focus turns to evacuating the citizenry to safety.

Trouble in Praenost (3877) 9/17/3877

"One day, not so long after the miasma first encroached upon Praenost, a traveling merchant arrived in the village of Legatus, only to find that not a soul was to be seen. Until he looked up to the roof of a nearby building, that is, and spied a great winged... Something, black is night, and utterly terrifying to behold. No sooner had he seen it then he turned tail and ran. And he didn't stop running until he reached Cipal—at least that's what he told everyone when he got there."

Trouble in Praenost (3878) 4/24/3878

"While continuing our withdrawal to Cipal, we observed smoke rising from a nearby settlement. Commander Dax ordered the unit to investigate. Upon approaching, it was discovered that wild beasts driven mad by the Corruption had attacked, and the residents had barricaded themselves inside their homes. Despite considerable fatigue from the long march, the order was given to engage the enemy and extract those trapped. Thanks to some quick thinking and a sound strategic approach, Commander Dax saw to it that the townspeople were evacuated with minimal casualties."

Tyranny in Praenost 1/38/3878

"A rescue party dispatched from Cipal and led by Robian Keen happened upon a small village. The inhabitants were informed that the Corruption had spread from Praenost Castle, and that they would be evacuated, as it was no longer safe to remain. While some consented to being escorted to safety, a significant number, led by the mayor, insisted on remaining, seemingly in the belief that Tanta Sila would somehow be able to save them."

Visoria Besieged 4/13/3879

The final Testament of a man who watched his parents fall to the crazed creatures that attacked his village. He seems to have fled to safety after witnessing the tragedy, and then been trapped in the chaos that followed. His words are Bleak, and with good reason—he rights of listening to his parents' horrifying death cries even as the Break moves closer to his hiding place...

Visoria Bewitched 7/30/3878

Despite having been lost to a Breakstorm, strangely, this village shows no signs of panic or disarray. A Nightmare appeared, and no one tried to escape, or even seems to have been particularly concerned. The cause of this air of supernatural calm would seem to be the device in the village's center. What kind of warped experiments was Olas performing in order to try and feed her insatiable thirst for knowledge?

Visoria and Junoon "The Cognoscents of Visoria looked on, impassive and analytical, even as the Corruption claimed Village after Village. Many seem to think it well worth their time observing the affliction the miasma brought with it and it's horrifying effects, and when Robian Keen and the scholars of Junoon arrived and offered to Aid them, they were only too happy to accept. The World burned, and they were merely...curious."