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Critical System Failure 8/7/3877



Liberation 5/18/3874

"Proclamation Upon the Expulsion of the Rheddig from the Lands of Athia

On the eighteenth day of the fourth month of the year 3874, our beloved Tantas led Athia to victory in the battle for Visoria Castle.

Rheddah's armies were routed at last, and they're scattered remnants pursued without Mercy, until no trace of the invaders remained.

Now, one month later, with the last of our enemies ground into the dust, we decree that the war we have fought shall be known as the Purge of the Rheddig. Let the name remind those who seek to conquer us of the fate that surely awaits them."

Remnants of the Rheddig 3/23/3874

The Rheddig Army made its way inland from Eastern Praenost, and crushed the Athian forces hastily assembled to defend against it. This done, the invaders advanced into Avoalet by way of Mount Triarii. Even as the focus of the fighting moved away from Praenost, Athian forces remained, tasked with wiping out any Rheddig left behind by the main invading Force. The remnants of these skirmishes—evidence of what came to be known as the Purge—can still be seen to this day.

The Battle for Avoalet 4/8/3874

The Rheddig onslaught continued, and having driven the armies of Avoalet before them, the invaders captured the castle, and with it, control of the entire realm.

When they're new overlords arrived, however, the people of Avoalet were not there to greet them. Having her Tales of unspeakable atrocities perpetrated on the people of Praenost, they abandoned their Villages and droves to take refuge and remote caves and Grotto's. And there they remained, praying that the Athian Army would Prevail, until full half of them had perished amid utter despair.

The Battle for Praenost Castle 3/22/3874

Few Athians have not heard the tale of the Battle for Praenost Castle, the greatest battle that occurred in that realm during the Purge of the Rheddig.

In it, the great General Calista Keen journeyed with all haste from Junoon to her homeland's aid, and enacted a strategy that saw countless Praenostian lives saved. Those she rescued spoke with all of the sight of their savior as she appeared to deliver them from Peril, and Tails are still told of it to this day.

The Battle for Praenost 3/12/3874

"Battlefield Dispatch: Fort Fides Outpost

Rheddig forces have made land in Eastern Praenost, but do not thus far appear to intend damage to critical infrastructure.

Reconnaissance unit under command of Lieutenant Dax reports a well-marshalled force of considerable size.

Our orders are to hold back the enemy advance. Fort mobilized for defensive engagement."

The Failings of the Rheddig The Rheddig we're driven from Athia thanks to the efforts of the Tantas, having it first seemed an Unstoppable force. At one point, their advantage was so great that the mighty Visoria Castle fell before them.

How was it that such a formidable foe was overcome so quickly? While it is easy to attribute this to their having concentrated too much power in the hands of their generals, this does not explain their willful lack of preparedness for what came afterwards.

The Purge of the Rheddig 3/10/3874

While official records are hard to come by in the post-Break world, the few that remain tell of an invasion by a people known as the Rheddig, who arrived from across the sea on the tenth day of the third month of the year 3874, hell-bent on making Athia their own.

The Tantas thought valiantly alongside their people in the bloody war that followed, and though heavy losses were suffered, and for a time it even seemed that all might be lost, they eventually purged their homeland of the invaders—soldier and civilian alike.

The Road to Rebuilding 8/12/3874

Settler's Diary: Village of Reeve

"The war shook our world to its foundations—there can be no denying that. The towns and villages in which our ancestors lived for countless generations are now little but dust.

Yet even for those of us forced to build our lives anew, there is hope. Though always taken from us, we are beginning to feel settled Again. Happy, even—though we never thought it possible.

And with the coming harvest, I even dare to dream that we might be blessed with bounty enough to share with those less fortunate than ourselves."

The Struggle to Rebuild From the Diaries of Treahy Duganur

"Athia suffers greatly in the aftermath of the Rheddig invasion. Through the village in which I find myself may stand anew at last, it is abundantly clear that it will be many moons before there is enough food to fill the bellies of its people. Our beloved land teeters on the brink, and I fear that little can be done to prevent its fall."

The Visorian Resistance 4/12/3874

"The Rheddig continued their march through Visoria, and the brave Defenders of Athia continued to fall before them. Villages were raised and citizens captured, and before long, the invaders held sway over the better part of the once-proud realm.

But still the armies of the homeland did not falter. Still they resisted, denying the Rheddig the Stranglehold they so fervently desired. It was this undying spirit—this unwavering faith in the face of insurmountable odds—that doubtless drove Athia's forces on in the great battle that followed."

Visorian Ingenuity 11/7/3876

From the Diaries of Treahy Duganur

"We have been tasked with the creation of a repository in which all the wisdom of Athia might be stored—a memory preservation device, if you will. With the aid of Tanta Olas's incomparable powers, it is hoped that a trove of knowledge can be stored away that might help Athia rebuild, even if the very worst were to occur.

And, times being what they are, are other key task has been one related to the security of the realm. The illusions created by the machine we have devised are so realistic as to beggar belief. It is as if the very creatures we are replicating themselves stood before us. Truly terrifying.

Writings of a Rheddig Soldier 1 3/14/3874

We received the orders the second we made landfall. That in and of itself was unusual—I thought we'd have longer to get our bearings. But they say where to look for an "ancient weapon" in these dungeons all over Athia. And there's nothing much to be gained from questioning our orders.

This is a dreadful place. I already miss home terribly. I don't know that I'll survive to tell this tale, so I'm leaving these notes behind in the hopes they help anyone who comes after me.

Writings of a Rheddig Soldier 2 3/17/3874

We've learned that the Athians call these dungeons "locked labyrinths." Apparently, none of them are permitted inside—save for their Tantas, of course. The secrets he has us more convinced than ever that the labyrinths must contain something highly valuable. No sign of anything yet, but the existence of an ancient weapon seems less inconceivable by the day. Sending a report back to the commander tonight to let him know of our findings.

Writings of a Rheddig Soldier 3 3/22/3874

Received a response from the commander today. It set me reeling. He thinks the strange objects we found were left here by Athia's first Tanta. But he had more to say, believe it or not—the ancient weapon might be contained inside them! Fragments of a legendary weapon, sealed deep within each and every labyrinth! Our orders are clear: we are to gather every last piece. Athia surely stands no chance should we succeed.

Writings of a Rheddig Soldier 4 3/27/3874

The mission is going well. We've retrained several parts of the ancient weapon. We are to bring what we've found so far to a specific location, but as of now, we await further instructions. I do not know what is expected of us once we get there, but surely everything we do leads up a step closer to winning this war.

Writings of a Rheddig Soldier 5 3/29/3874

Crisis averted. We discovered that some of the first Tanta's inscriptions contained instructions on how to dismantle the weapon. Obviously, we had to find them all, and purge every last trace of them. It would be foolish to allow an Athian access to such knowledge. The threat now removed, our victory seems all but certain.

Writings of a Rheddig Soldier 6 4/3/3874

We suffered significant casualties today. Traps set by the Tanta that we did not foresee. We were extricating a part of the weapon, and we were excited, too excited. We lost some good people. Others are badly injured.

The situation is grim, but I cannot let this shake me. This only proves how badly the Athians want to keep this weapon from us. We are so very nearly at the end of this all. We must be more careful—now more than ever.

Writings of a Rheddig Soldier 7 4/6/3874

I am a proud soldier of the army of Rheddah, and this will likely be the end of my story.

With today's success, we have collected nearly every piece of the ancient weapon. But during the course of our expedition, I was caught in one of the cursed Tanta's traps. Sheer carelessness. I was a fool. But there is no point assigning blame when I have mere minutes at most.

My brothers and sisters have left me here. They will complete our mission--I am sure of it. I only wish that I could be there to see our glorious vision realized.