Category:The Tantas

Name Description
Cinta Holland Frey's mother in "New York."

In Olas's alternate reality, Cinta raised Frey on her own after being widowed when her daughter was still young. She tries to see Frey as often as she can, still not quite able to accept that her little girl is all Grown Up.

She is friends with the owner of The Athian, a cafe that serves up her favorite cup of coffee.

Cinta: Tanta of Love A champion of the arts who passionately believed in freedom of expression and humanity's infinite potential.

In order to enrich the people's lives, she cultivated the Arts throughout Athia—music, painting, drama, and more. She taught every Athian that to love one's neighbor was the noblest of endeavors, fostering a collaborative culture and sense of community that united all levels of society.

Cinta: Tanta of Rage The dragon born when Cinta succumbed to Susurrus's corruption.

having lost all but its basest animal instincts, it attacked indiscriminately, bringing death and destruction wherever it flew, until a chance meeting with Frey triggered memories of the woman it used to be. In the end, it made the ultimate sacrifice in order to protect its beloved daughter.

Olas: Tanta of Madness A self-serving scholar so obsessed that she would rob a person of their very memories if it helped her acquire new knowledge. Of her surviving victims, none are able to speak of her without a confusing and forgetful fog descending.

When she learned of the deaths of the other Tantas, she believed Frey to be highly dangerous, and try to trap her in a world of illusion. But with Cuff's help, Frey managed to see through the lies, and her destruction of Olas's minion led to the end of Olas herself.

Olas: Tanta of Wisdom A lifelong lover of learning who strove for equal access to education for all.

She made it her mission to provide every Athian with tools that would spark their intellectual curiosity, believing that humans reach their true potential by learning from the past and applying that knowledge to the Future. Her passion served as an inspiration to her subjects, who delighted in learning from one another and sharing their wisdom.

Prav: Tanta of Cruelty A callus executioner with a warped sense of justice, trusting only in her own judgment, often to the detriment of the wrongly accused.

She no longer has any interest in hearing the testimony of others, instead leaping to her own conclusions in a mockery of her once-impartial ways. Frey experiences this first hand when she is accused of Tantacide and sentenced to a deadly Trial by Water.

The extent to which Prav's mind has fractured is evidenced by the literal split in her personality.

Prav: Tanta of Justice Athia's irreproachable keeper of law and order.

Unswervingly dedicated to the truth, Prav strove to better the people's lives so that all might prosper. Her commitment to perfecting Athia's justice system earned her the deep respect of her subjects. It is said that her verdicts were so carefully considered and self-evidently fair that not a single criminal ever protested their punishment.

Sila: Tanta of Strength A seasoned warrior, and the victor of countless battles.

Though it was often said that none could rival her skill on the battlefield, she taught her people that true strength may not in intimidating others, but in marshalling one's own spirit and aiding those in need.

Sila: Tanta of Tyranny A cruel despot who trust nothing but her own skill in battle. Any traces of the leader who was once revered by her people have long since been lost to the Corruption.

She does not hesitate to eliminate any and all who offend her, and when she believes Frey has trespassed on her territory, invades Cipal in search of the "interloper." killing Olevia and countless other innocence in the process.

Tanta Cinta Tanta of Love and rule of Junoon.

She believed nothing was more important than allowing every Athian to be true to themselves, and valued individuality and diversity above all else.

She was also known for conducting innovative medical research. Her exceptional gift for healing resulted in the discovery of cures for all manner of maladies, bringing health and happiness to her fortunate subjects.

Tanta Olas Tanta of Wisdom and rule of Visoria.

Her boundless knowledge spanned all manner of subjects, and her soul desire was to share this learning with the people. She valued nothing more than intellectual curiosity, and built new Cognoscents' Guilds across the land in order that knowledge might be a Mass for generations of Athians to come.

Tanta Prav Tanta of Justice and rule of Avoalet.

She wants administered Athia's judicial system, and brought her infallible sense of right and wrong to bear in passing judgment and administering punishment. Her fairness and integrity insured that order and peace reigned throughout the land.

Tanta Sila Tanta of Strength and rule of Praenost.

Not content to command her troops from afar, Sila famously joined Athia's Defenders on the front line during the bloody Purge of the Rheddig. Rallied by their commanders unparalleled prowess in battle, the Athians prevailed over their invaders, and brought peace back to their homeland at last.