Crag Grass

Material Icon.pngCrag Grass

Crag grass thrives in the arid land of Praenost. While its appearance remains unchanged by the influence of the Break, the plumes within which it stores its nutrients now also possess the mysterious ability to improve equipment when used as a crafting ingredient.

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Acquisition Edit Crag Grass's Miscellaneous Acquisition Information Uses Edit Crag Grass's Miscellaneous Use Information
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Rewarded at Landmark
Name Type Area
A Fortress Overrun Flashback The Guardians' Way
A Village Besieged Flashback The Mustering Ground
Requires: Crafting Pot
Yield: 2
Balm Flax x 3
Used in Recipe
Name Yield Ingredient Amount Needed
Fluteblossom 1 1
Shore Violet 2 3
Used in Equipment Upgrade
Used to Upgrade Blue Magic
Used to Upgrade Green Magic
Used to Upgrade Purple Magic
Used to Upgrade Red Magic
Used to Apply Skill
Critical Hits Can Boost Attack
Improved Resistance to Reductions in Defense
Precision Counters Set Enemies on Fire
Surge Magic Recharge Rate Boosted When Cuff Blocks