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Down the Rabbit Hole

Freysjourney.pngDown the Rabbit Hole
Frey's Journey
  1. Get out of the room.
  2. Look around the castle.
  3. Find somewhere to rest up.
  4. Defeat the monster.
  5. Find somewhere to rest up.
  6. Defeat the enemy.
  7. Escape the enemy.
  8. Explore the town.
  9. Rest up.
  10. See what's out there.
  11. Defeat the dragon.
  12. Get out of town.
  13. Defeat the dragon.
  14. Climb the cliff.
Prior Quest: Just Another Day‎‎
Next Quest: Jailbreak
Archives Found: Athia
The Tantas
Frey's Phone
A Land Lost
The Four Realms
The Council Chambers
Chapter 2: Stuck
NPCs: Cuff
Monsters: Canis Dirus