Helping the Broken

Detouricon.pngHelping the Broken
Unlocks during Chapter 7
  1. Tend to the wounded. (Three remaining)
  2. Tend to the wounded. (Two remaining)
  3. Tend to the wounded. (One remaining)
  4. Fetch everyone's rations.
  5. Go to the rationing center and collect the rations.
  6. Go back and see Auden.
Goodness, Auden wasn't looking too chipper, was she? Still, what were you thinking, offering to help people in her place? Are you sure you're not having a funny turn yourself? ...Well, if we must. Shall we get this invalid-tending out of the way?

Well, that's the sick and insured scene to. Your...unique style of patient care certainly didn't disappoint. Now we just need to fetch their rations so the poor fools don't starve. Let's hurry—this it's not how I enjoy spending my spare time.

Rations? Things really are a little desperate, aren't they? I suppose it's only to be expected if you cram so many people into such a tiny space...

That's the rations bagged. And I'm completely in agreement with Treahy about Augen' plight being entirely her own doing. But if you want to trace all the way to Avoalet in search of herbs to help her, I won't stop you. Let's deliver the rations to the council chambers first, though.

Prior Quest: Sila's Pact
Starter: Event Marker → Auden
Location: Cipal, Cviceni Square → The Council Chambers
Archives Found: Treahy: Fount of Wisdom
Auden: Solitary Beacon