Her Father's Findings

Freysjourney.pngHer Father's Findings
Frey's Journey
  1. Head for the city gates.
  2. Follow the girl.
  3. Approach the crafting bench.
  4. Find materials to improve your equipment with.
  5. Approach the crafting bench.
  6. Leave Cipal.
  7. Head for the Cognoscents' Guild.
  8. Defeat the enemy.
  9. Head for the Cognoscents' Guild.
  10. Investigate the Cognoscents' Guild.
  11. Look for the journals.
  12. Look for the journals.
  13. Find some Breakshards.
  14. Paint your nails.
  15. Head higher up.
  16. Head to the entrance.
  17. Defeat the Errant Soldiers.
  18. Head back to Cipal.
  19. Get to the square in the lower city.
  20. Rescue Auden.
  21. Restrain Tanta Sila.
  22. Defeat the Recreant Knight.
Prior Quest: Jailbreak
Next Quest: An Oath of Vengeance
Archives Found: Map of Athia
Frey: Journey's Beginning
Cipal (Archive)
The Dump
The Break and the Body
Pilgrim's Refuge
The Tantas' Nails
The Athian Script
The Effects of Breakshards
Notes on the Break
The Council of Cipal
Chapter 3: The Interloper
NPCs: Olevia Liette
Robian: The Man in the Mask
Monsters: Errant Soldier
Recreant Knight
Equipment: Blue Flash
Hooded Cloak