Lost Lullabies

Detouricon.pngLost Lullabies
Unlocks during Chapter 13
  1. Speak to Johedy in the archives.
  2. Speak to Jennesh in the Tower of Binnoi.
  3. Head to Junoon.
  4. Search Junoon Castle.
  5. Follow Cinta.
Imagine that—the dreaded Johedy reading up on Cinta for your sake. For a woman who likes to tell you how little she's prepared to do on your behalf, she certainly doesn't seem to have minded scouring every shelf in the archives unbidden. Well, I'm sure whatever it is she has to tell you is utterly tedious, but I suppose you're going to speak to her nonetheless?

A book chronicling the last days of Junoon and the sorted details of Tanta Cinta's pregnancy. And from the pan of our favorite disgraced councilman, no less. Juicy stuff. Well, since they locked him up in the Tower of Binnoi, he's not going anywhere. Shall we pay him a little visit?

Jennesh was certainly as charming as ever, if not more so. And he did know you were Cinta's daughter, after all. Sneaky devil. What do you think the key he gave us might open? I'm not exactly aching to find out, but I suppose a trip to Junoon wouldn't be the end of the world,,,

That's the lot out front deal with. Time to search the castle itself. You couldn't hurry up and find a clue or something, could you? I humored you thus far, but I'm not blessed with endless patients, you know.

That...can't have been Cinta, can it? Well, whoever she was, she seemed fairly keen for you to follow. Goodness only knows where she's taking us, but we've come this far...might as well see this through.

Next Quest: A Blast from the Past
Starter: Johedy Kladivo
Location: Cipal, Stairs leading to Cviceni Square
Archives Found: Jennesh's Diary
A Tiny Key
A Mother's Record
Music Box
Monsters: Riven Antler
Riven Carcass
Riven Fang
Riven Wing
Miscellaneous Rewards: Unlocks Cipal's Grove Gate
EXP: 1000