Lucid Garland

Material Icon.pngLucid Garland

Breakshards are crystallized concentrations of Break that were never fully absorbed by the bodies of the Broken. This enormous bouquet was left behind by a heavily corrupted enemy. It has reacted with a mixture of multiple Tantas' magic, making it almost totally translucent.

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Acquisition Edit Lucid Garland's Miscellaneous Acquisition Information Uses Edit Lucid Garland's Miscellaneous Use Information
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Dropped by Enemies
Name Health Attack Experience
Amphicynodon 74184 252 3600
Apsaravis 32173 219 2800
Arcane Antler 53 126 1
Arcane Claw 1164 146 1
Arcane Fang 44 124 1
Arcane Jaw 41 108 1
Arcane Wing 28 110 1
Bandersnatch 46200 229 3750
Goliath 4237 166 315
Jabberwock 42606 215 4000
Rewarded at Landmark
Name Type Area
Altered Borophagus (Shepherd's Meadow) Mutant Shepherd's Meadow
Altered Borophagus (Tanta's Demesne) Mutant Tanta's Demesne
Altered Borophagus (The Blossomwoods) Mutant The Blossomwoods
Altered Borophagus (The Sacred Peaks) Mutant The Sacred Peaks
Altered Goliath (Dianthus Wood) Mutant Dianthus Wood
Altered Goliath (The Blessed Plains) Mutant The Blessed Plains
Altered Goliath (The Sacred Peaks) Mutant The Sacred Peaks
Altered Goliath (Trout Mountain) Mutant Trout Mountain
Altered Goliath (Yonder Cape) Mutant Yonder Cape
Altered Nunda (Shepherd's Meadow) Mutant Shepherd's Meadow
Altered Nunda (Visorian Plateau) Mutant Visorian Plateau
Altered Quinkana (The Water Garden) Mutant The Water Garden
Used in Recipe
Name Yield Ingredient Amount Needed
Home Sweet Hell 1 3
Unbroken 1 3
Used in Equipment Upgrade
Used to Upgrade Health
Used to Apply Skill
Attack Magic Triggered during Parkour Restores Stamina
Critical Hits Absorb Enemy Health
Critical Hits Boost Surge Magic Recharge Rate
Cuff Counters Improve Surge Magic Recharge Rate
Killer Blows Deal More Damage
Recover from Defenselessness More Quickly