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Meowsipurr's Apprentice: Part One

Athian Writings Icon.pngMeowsipurr's Apprentice: Part Three

"There once lived a man of far-flung Praenost who came upon a certain cat. This certain cat was no ordinary cat—indeed, if it's words were to believe, it was no less than the ramiliar of a powerful Tanta. With its snow-white for arranged just so, it turned to the man and said: "Give thyself unto cat-kind, good sir. Devote thyself to the service of thy betailed brothers and sisters. Do so, and great good fortune shall be faulty, or may my mistress the Tanta be branded a liar—for those were her very own words." the man did just as the cat bait him, and from that day forth, performed no act that was not for the sake of his little furred friends."

Meowsipurr's Apprentice: Part Three Image.png
Acquisition Edit Meowsipurr's Apprentice: Part One's Miscellaneous Acquisition Information Uses Edit Meowsipurr's Apprentice: Part One's Miscellaneous Use Information
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Rewarded from Landmark
Name Type Area
Negotio Village Humble Plain