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Meowsipurr's Apprentice: Part Three

Athian Writings Icon.pngMeowsipurr's Apprentice: Part Three

"The man stared solemnly at the demon—for that was what he knew it to be, with its bat-black wings sprouting from snow-white fur. Solemnly he stared, and cried... 'Awww, just look at you! Aren't you adorable? I could just snuggle and stroke you forever and ever!' 'Wh-what!?' the cat replied. 'I'm the demon who stole your soul! G-get your hands off me!' and the two live together happily ever after. ...Well, one of them, at least."

Meowsipurr's Apprentice: Part Three Image.png
Acquisition Edit Meowsipurr's Apprentice: Part Three's Miscellaneous Acquisition Information Uses Edit Meowsipurr's Apprentice: Part Three's Miscellaneous Use Information
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Rewarded from Landmark
Name Type Area
Laylow Hollow Cave The Mustering Ground