Robian's Treasured Memories

Detouricon.pngRobian's Treasured Memories
Unlocks during Chapter 4
  1. Search the Grove for clues that might lead to the lost property.
  2. Search the Grove for the lost property.
  3. Search the upper city for clues that might lead to the lost property.
  4. Search the lower city for clues that might lead to the lost property.
  5. Give the book to Bob.
So are perpetually addled friend Robian has lost something important, it seems. And...for reasons I can't begin to fathom, you're actually going to go and look for it? Well, and the interest of speeding things along, why not go and look where he had his little set-to with those guards? He might have dropped whatever it was amid all the excitement.

For a man so clearly off his rocker, Robian certainly still commands his fair share of respect. Only to be expected if the tale of his heroically leading the people of Junoon to safety is true, I suppose. Still can't quite believe he was ever capable of such a feat, though... Well, let's continue retracing his steps and speak to a few bystanders, shall we?

Still no sign of whatever it was old Bob dropped, eh? But there's been no shortage of his admirers. "Mentor," indeed. The mind boggles... Seems he went back to the lower city after coming here. Which means we probably should too.

What do you think the chances are of the book that child gave us being what Robian was looking for? It certainly looks like it's seen some use. Well, I suppose the only way to find out is to hand it over and see what he says...

Location: Cipal
Archives Found: Animal Bone
Medical Textbook
Handmade Bookmark
Rewards: Healing Draught