Breakbeast Icon.pngSulcavis
Max. Health 717
Attack 112
Magic Vulnerability Frey's Magic: − (Neutral)
Sila's Magic: 🡻🡻 (Very Weak)
Prav's Magic: 🡹 (Strong)
Olas's Magic: 🡻 (Weak)
Experience 54
Items Dropped Fervid BloomLambent BloomLucid Bloom
Height 3'0"
Weight 31.5 lb
Extreme Break exposure has caused metallic growths to sprout all over these former crows, and turned there once-black feathers a bright white. They're highly aggressive, and won't hesitate to call on their comrades in battle. Having spread their wings even further than their less-corrupted colleagues, they're now found all over Junoon and Visoria.
Sulcavis Image.png
Fought at Landmark
Name Chapter
Bechna Village
Bhulna Villa Relic of the Tantas
Maaf Village