Tanta Prav (Monster)

The Tantas (Monster) Icon.pngTanta Prav (Monster)
Max. Health 7500
Attack 250
Magic Vulnerability Frey's Magic: − (Neutral)
Sila's Magic: − (Neutral)
Prav's Magic: 🡻🡻 (Very Weak)
Olas's Magic: − (Neutral)
Experience 0
Height 6'0"
Weight Unknown
The Tantas who's sacred purpose it once was to maintain the peace of Athia through careful judgment and prudent administration of the law. Those days are long since past, however, and she now flits through the air, a sailing her enemies with great lumps of ice, among other annoyances. Her personality is split between a self-dedicated to her old sense of fairness, and another ruled by vindictive rage. Sadly, the latter always seems to win out...
Tanta Prav (Monster) Image.png
Fought during Quest
Name Chapter
Trial by Tanta Chapter 8
Fought at Landmark
Name Chapter
Tanta Prav (Flashback) Flashback