The Fall of Tanta Sila

Freysjourney.pngThe Fall of Tanta Sila
Frey's Journey
  1. Head for Praenost Castle.
  2. Defeat Sila's minions.
  3. Find a way into the castle.
  4. Defeat Sila's minions.
  5. Enter the castle.
  6. Examine the pictures. (/5)
  7. Defeat Tana Sila.
Prior Quest: To Sila's Castle
Next Quest: A Hero's Welcome
Archives Found: Odvaha Ore
Praenost Castle
The Purge of the Rheddig
Tanta Sila
Tanta Prav
Tanta Cinta
Tanta Olas
Sila: Tanta of Tyranny
Chapter 5: Might and Main
Monsters: Tanta Sila (Monster)
Tanta Sila Enranged
Equipment: Aftershock
Rewards: Sila's Magic