Name Description
Frey: Birth of a Legend Tanta Cinta's beloved daughter.

The word "Alfre" is intricately embroidered on the blanket in which her mother wrapped her. Cinta sent her infant child to New York, a city in a land far from Athia, in order to protect her from Susurrus's influence. Little did she realize that the demon would slip through the portal with her, setting up the events of twenty-one years later

Frey: Guardian of All Athia The hero who saved Athia from the demon Susurrus by sealing him away within her very own body. Though she cleansed Cipal of the Corruption, she has thus far been unable to repeat the feet elsewhere. Despite this, she still does what she can, traveling the land with Cuff on her wrist, and Auden and Johedy back at home to help her.
Frey: Journey's Beginning A modern-day New Yorker who suddenly finds herself transported to another world. Desperate to get home to her beloved cat Homer, she sets out on a search for a way to return.

For unknown reasons, she is now able to use magic, and unlike the locals, is seemingly unaffected by the corruption that ravages the land

She also has a new companion: Cuff, a smart talking sentient bracelet.

Frey: Tanta of Tantas The mightiest Sorceress in all of Athia.

Having absorbed the power of all four Tantas, she resolves to Vanquish Susurrus and protect her newfound Home.

The combined power she wields is capable of driving back the Corruption itself.

Frey A resident of Hell's Kitchen who's just about to turn 21.

Having been abandoned as a baby near the entrance to the Holland Tunnel, she spent the years that followed moving from one foster home to the next. Upon graduating from high school, she set out to make a life for herself in the city.

Despite her repeated run-ins with the law since then, she's determined to make a clean break somewhere new.

Name Description
Cuff: Frey's Best Bud Frey's trusty traveling companion.

While she likes to think of their partnership as a marriage of convenience, in truth, he might know her better than anyone else ever has.

Cuff: Frey's Right Hand The tried-and-true companion who helped Frey break free from Olas's illusion.

He forced his way into the world the twisted Tanta had created, desperate to drag his partner in crime back from the blissful ignorance of oblivion.

While his success was a testament to his own abilities, it also speaks to the depth of the bond that has grown between them.

Cuff: Trapped by the Tantas A messenger once sent to Athia from another land.

According to Cuff, the Tantas' infighting had already begun when he arrived. As a result, his attempts to negotiate with them failed, and he was transformed into a bracelet before being exiled to Earth.

Cuff: Vengeance Frustrated Susurrus, demon and destroyer of worlds, once more reduced to a mere wrist adornment.

He may have been robbed of his briefly restored powers, but he's as Keen as ever on bringing about Athia's destruction. Step one: drive Frey out of her mind, just as he did the Tantas before her. Despite all this, he's still the same old Cuff on the surface, ever ready with a suitably disdainful quip.

Cuff A sentient bracelet of uncertain origin who finds himself wrapped around phrase right wrist.

While Frey calls him "Cuff," he much prefers to think of himself as a noble vambrace.

His ability to change his form enables him to protect Frey from harm, making him quite the invaluable companion. As a trade-off, however, she's forced to put up with his seemingly endless sarcastic commentary....

Name Description
Cinta Holland Frey's mother in "New York."

In Olas's alternate reality, Cinta raised Frey on her own after being widowed when her daughter was still young. She tries to see Frey as often as she can, still not quite able to accept that her little girl is all Grown Up.

She is friends with the owner of The Athian, a cafe that serves up her favorite cup of coffee.

Cinta: Tanta of Love A champion of the arts who passionately believed in freedom of expression and humanity's infinite potential.

In order to enrich the people's lives, she cultivated the Arts throughout Athia—music, painting, drama, and more. She taught every Athian that to love one's neighbor was the noblest of endeavors, fostering a collaborative culture and sense of community that united all levels of society.

Cinta: Tanta of Rage The dragon born when Cinta succumbed to Susurrus's corruption.

having lost all but its basest animal instincts, it attacked indiscriminately, bringing death and destruction wherever it flew, until a chance meeting with Frey triggered memories of the woman it used to be. In the end, it made the ultimate sacrifice in order to protect its beloved daughter.

Olas: Tanta of Madness A self-serving scholar so obsessed that she would rob a person of their very memories if it helped her acquire new knowledge. Of her surviving victims, none are able to speak of her without a confusing and forgetful fog descending.

When she learned of the deaths of the other Tantas, she believed Frey to be highly dangerous, and try to trap her in a world of illusion. But with Cuff's help, Frey managed to see through the lies, and her destruction of Olas's minion led to the end of Olas herself.

Olas: Tanta of Wisdom A lifelong lover of learning who strove for equal access to education for all.

She made it her mission to provide every Athian with tools that would spark their intellectual curiosity, believing that humans reach their true potential by learning from the past and applying that knowledge to the Future. Her passion served as an inspiration to her subjects, who delighted in learning from one another and sharing their wisdom.

Prav: Tanta of Cruelty A callus executioner with a warped sense of justice, trusting only in her own judgment, often to the detriment of the wrongly accused.

She no longer has any interest in hearing the testimony of others, instead leaping to her own conclusions in a mockery of her once-impartial ways. Frey experiences this first hand when she is accused of Tantacide and sentenced to a deadly Trial by Water.

The extent to which Prav's mind has fractured is evidenced by the literal split in her personality.

Prav: Tanta of Justice Athia's irreproachable keeper of law and order.

Unswervingly dedicated to the truth, Prav strove to better the people's lives so that all might prosper. Her commitment to perfecting Athia's justice system earned her the deep respect of her subjects. It is said that her verdicts were so carefully considered and self-evidently fair that not a single criminal ever protested their punishment.

Sila: Tanta of Strength A seasoned warrior, and the victor of countless battles.

Though it was often said that none could rival her skill on the battlefield, she taught her people that true strength may not in intimidating others, but in marshalling one's own spirit and aiding those in need.

Sila: Tanta of Tyranny A cruel despot who trust nothing but her own skill in battle. Any traces of the leader who was once revered by her people have long since been lost to the Corruption.

She does not hesitate to eliminate any and all who offend her, and when she believes Frey has trespassed on her territory, invades Cipal in search of the "interloper." killing Olevia and countless other innocence in the process.

Tanta Cinta Tanta of Love and rule of Junoon.

She believed nothing was more important than allowing every Athian to be true to themselves, and valued individuality and diversity above all else.

She was also known for conducting innovative medical research. Her exceptional gift for healing resulted in the discovery of cures for all manner of maladies, bringing health and happiness to her fortunate subjects.

Tanta Olas Tanta of Wisdom and rule of Visoria.

Her boundless knowledge spanned all manner of subjects, and her soul desire was to share this learning with the people. She valued nothing more than intellectual curiosity, and built new Cognoscents' Guilds across the land in order that knowledge might be a Mass for generations of Athians to come.

Tanta Prav Tanta of Justice and rule of Avoalet.

She wants administered Athia's judicial system, and brought her infallible sense of right and wrong to bear in passing judgment and administering punishment. Her fairness and integrity insured that order and peace reigned throughout the land.

Tanta Sila Tanta of Strength and rule of Praenost.

Not content to command her troops from afar, Sila famously joined Athia's Defenders on the front line during the bloody Purge of the Rheddig. Rallied by their commanders unparalleled prowess in battle, the Athians prevailed over their invaders, and brought peace back to their homeland at last.

Name Description
Auden Keen A young woman who rescued Frey from the Tower of Binnoi and gave her a place to stay.

Despite the fact—or possibly because—her father was a Cognoscent and her mother a general, she cares little about the social standing of others, and is equally kind and sincere to all. She's open-minded and doesn't succumb easily to petty prejudices.

She's also a gifted herbalist and medical practitioner, and can often be found nursing Cipal's sick and wounded.

Auden: BFF Frey's best friend in "New York."

She used to work a stuffy desk job, but has since quit to chase her dream of being a designer. She was a year or two ahead of Frey in college, where the pair met while taking the same class one semester. They've been inseparable ever since.

She's a naturally outgoing person with a tendency to get very emotional—a habit Frey has been known to charge her for.

Auden: Solitary Beacon A young woman who hides her own hardships from others.

The true motivation behind her altruism lies in the deaths of her parents. Unwilling to lose anybody else, she would sacrifice her well-being to save another—even if it meant pushing herself to the point of collapse.

If meeting her polar opposite—Frey—has taught her one thing, it's that sometimes it's okay to say how you really feel.

Auden: The People's Friend A selfless young woman who puts herself on the line to Aid others when the Break consumes Cipal. Just like her parents before her she is prone to prioritizing the needs of others over her own, but her altruism serves as a Beacon of Hope for many of her fellow townspeople.
Bellette Krau: Regrets and Requests The steadfast chairperson of the Council of Cipal. Having doubted Frey at first, she eventually came to see her as a potential force for good.

Though the relief brought about by Sila's defeat was short-lived, Bellette saw how much hope it gave her beloved people. This led her to believe that Frey might be the one to show Athia a way forward, just as the Tantas had done so many years before.

Bellette Krau Avoalet's representative on the Council of Cipal, appointed by Prav herself.

Having devoted herself to the study of Law and politics from an early age, she was a fitting candidate for chairperson of the Council when the role became available. She is committed to the well-being of the citizenry above all else, and while this is a noble trait, it can lead her to take a dim view of anything that might disturb Cipal's fragile peace.

Bellette: The Next Great Challenge A wise council person of Cipal who was inspired by Frey to help bring back hope to her beloved City. Having previously thought Frey Athia's only hope, she came to see the placing all of her faith and others would not serve the people, and that they would have to begin to make efforts on their own behalf. This realization reached, she swore to do as Frey ass so passionately: to rebuild, and restore peace to Athia.
Chrissy Robinson A prominent member of a gang of New York street thugs.

She joined the gang at Lisa's invitation, the two having been as close as sisters ever since they were little.

Although forced to work with Frey on occasion, Chrissy finds her inability to do as she's told infuriating—especially now her failure to steal the car they asked her to has landed them all in trouble.

Dax Viernost Praenost's representative on the Council of Cipal, appointed by Sila herself.

In her younger years, she was a much-decorated soldier. Her feet eventually drew Sila's attention, and let to her achieving the ultimate honor: being appointed a commander in Praenost's army.

These days, she commands Cipal's City guard, directing their efforts to defend the town and keep the peace.

Dax: Keeper of the Peace A former general of Praenost who finally made her peace with Frey in the quiet before Cipal's greatest battle.

So she could not completely shake her resentment at the Young upstart who killed her beloved Sila, she finally admitted the part her own anger had to play—an anger at herself for not having done more to stop the Wayward Tanta. This done, she sent Frey off to face her greatest foe yet, having acknowledged at last that she was Athia's only hope.

Dax: Still Loyal Overseer of the city's security, including that of the mausoleum, where the townspeople go to pray for the departed.

Even Sila is the subject of more than a few such prayers. Despite the atrocities she committed towards the end, her good deeds too, are remembered, and the people strive to honor her as she once was—Dax not least among them. Having sworn a solemn oath of service, she is fiercely protective of the place where she believes her former ruler rests.

Eleph Hadel A timid young boy who often hides behind his father.

Having lost his mother at a very young age, Eleph has no family left apart from his dad. He was close friends with Olevia, who often told him stories about Frey, but he was too shy to ever talk to her himself, despite desperately wanting to.

Eleph: Rage and Resentment A broken hearted boy who lost his father—and his happiness—to the Break.

When the Corruption encroached upon Cipal, many of its citizens were transformed into monsters, Elph's father among them. And when the attack, Frey had no choice but to kill them. Poor Elph is now gripped by an all-consuming hatred of Athia's so-called savior. Fingers clutched tightly around his treasured knife, his mind swims with sadness, confusion, and unbridled anger.

Eleph: The Burden of Vengeance A confused young boy who no longer knows what to make of the woman who killed his father, but saved the city.

While he can't quite let go of his hatred, he's also begun to wonder if he's right to hold on to it quite so tightly. And since Frey returned his knife to him, he's been wondering about how tightly he should be holding on to that, too. The road ahead may not yet be clear to him, but there may finally be a glimmer of hope that he can change.

Homer Frey's cat, and the only family she has.

Homer started out as a stray who occasionally wandered into Frey's apartment, but once Frey started feeding her new friend, a bond began to develop, and they've been inseparable ever since.

When Frey's apartment building burned down and she thought all hope was lost, her last good deed was to see that Homer had somewhere safe to live.

Jennesh Hekkadi Junoon's representative on the Council of Cipal, appointed by Cinta herself.

Jennesh is a shrewd man who uses radical rhetoric to garner support from the people, thereby strengthening his own position. Despite the fact that many of the stances he takes would be frowned upon by his Tanta, his eloquence in making his points is enough to win many to his side.

His current position is that Frey is a demonic threat who must be expelled from Cipal immediately.

Jennesh: Of Love and Hate Despite sharing a Homeland with Robian, this former citizen of Junoon was unmoved by his countryman's death.

His hatred for the much-missed Cognoscent appears to stem from belief that Robian abandoned Junoon in favor of his research. He feels similarly about Cinta, who he claims was nowhere to be found when Junoon began to fall to the Corruption. After all this time, his anger and despair at the fate of his realm are as raw as ever.

Jennesh: The Fugitive They wanted man who escaped from the Tower of Binnoi.

All that the former councilman Left Behind was a grizzly message in blood his guards assume that he must have left town, but no normal person can survive out in the Break. What could have led him to take such extreme measures?

Johedy Kladivo The no-nonsense blacksmith-turned-archivist charged with overseeing Cipal's extensive archives.

The last in a long line of metal workers, Johedy's own prodigious skill with the hammer caught the attention of Tanta Sila, leading her to appoint the talented young crafts woman her own personal blacksmith.

When Praenost fell to the Break, Johedy moved to Cipal, where Dax encouraged her to take up her current role. She's spent every day since with her nose buried in a book.

Johedy: A Friend to the End Sila's friend and former comrade. The two once wore an oath to protect Athia.

Though it might not seem that a lowly blacksmith in a celebrated leader in general would have much in common, in many ways, Johedy understood Sila better than anyone.

And though her friend changed beyond recognition, the fact they swore remained Johedy's guiding light. She may be an archivist these days, but she's still honors her promise to fight for Athia—with knowledge now, instead of hammer and Anvil.

Johedy: A Pact Honored A former blacksmith who took up her tools again at Auden's request.

Auden's Ernest concern for her friend brought back Johedy's memories of Asylum promise she and Sila made long ago, and she now sees that Frey is the key to fulfilling her vow to fight for Athia, no matter what.

She'd never say as much, of course, but there's no doubt that this is the reason she picked up a hammer again after all those years.

Johedy: Down on Her Luck A homeless woman who can often be found near phrase apartment in "New York."

She was fired from her job as a librarian when her boss discovered she was spending all her time reading instead of working, and has been on the streets ever since.

Johedy loves nothing more than telling strangers who are kind enough to offer her food about her favorite books, and while Frey hasn't known her for long, the pairs similar taste in literature has led to some enjoyable conversations.

Lisa Ortega The leader of a gang of New York street thugs.

She works for a big local boss who set her and her "associates" the task of tracking Frey down after the cops seized a car she tried to steal for them.

Lisa is a firm believer in making people pay for their mistakes—especially when she'll be the one paying otherwise.

Maya Bird The long-suffering New York judge who presided over Frey's latest case.

Although she could have thrown the book at Fray for her repeated offenses, she decided to let her off with community service instead. This surprisingly lenient gesture may well have something to do with the fact that Judge Bird wasn't always on the right side of the law herself. She has more reason than most to believe that anyone is capable of turning over a new leaf.

Maya: Champion of the Underdog A social worker in "New York."

She dedicates her life to seeing that orphans and other troubled children are given the care they so desperately need. She's Frey's current boss, and really sees something in her young protégée.

In addition to her everyday duties, Maya often finds herself at the courthouse helping the youngsters she looks after out of trouble, and her selfless dedication to those others deem beyond saving has proved an inspiration to Frey.

Milia Chisty A junior Guard officer who keeps watch over the gate that connects Upper and Lower Cipal.

Milia is most often to be found at her post, but does get sent on the occasional errand by Councilwoman Dax. She's extremely straightlaced and serious, to the point where she has to be careful not to let others take advantage of her.

She sometimes seen with Wallace, a bard from the lower city, but his frivolous personality—the polar opposite to her own—can occasionally get on her nerves.

Milia: Devotion and Departure A junior guard officer whose greatest Ppride lies in her sacred duty—the protection of the people of Cipal. She stands tall at the gate over which she watches, her resolve never wavering, any doubts about her abilities or the advantage of her birth long since set aside.

Her apparent crush on Wallace may have been a passing fancy after all, but his music continues to inspire her and the people she has sworn to safeguard.

Milia: Duty and Desire A young woman born into a family who served as Sila's personal guard for generations.

Given her illustrious Heritage, she was awarded the title of "junior officer" when she joined the city guard, and although she's embarrassed by this special treatment, she takes the job of living up to her role of officer-in-training extremely seriously indeed.

Wallace's music seems to be one of the few things that helps her take her mind off her duties—or is it Wallace himself?

Milia: Duty and Disappointment A junior Guard officer who was driven to despair at seeing so many of her friends and neighbors lost to the Break.

Wallace's ham-fisted attempt to put her mind at ease by telling her there was nothing she could do served only to agitate her further—although her anger was almost certainly as much aimed at herself as him. Overflowing with emotion, and having rejected the young bars offer of a song to ease her sorrow, she retired to ponder her next steps alone.

Olevia Liette An orphan who Frey met in The Shady Tree when the youngster tried to steal her phone.

Well she may not have made off with her intended prize,Olevia did walk away with a newfound fascination with the Savvy newcomer. She wound up following Frey all over town, eventually introducing her to "Finders Keepers"—her nickname for the dump where she makes a game of salvaging odds and ends.

Olevia doesn't know much about the outside world, but she firmly believes that the Tantas will one day return to save Athia.

Olevia's Cat: New Best Friends A cat that until recently only ever allowed Olevia to come near it.

Little by little, Frey's efforts won it over, and it now appears to understand that Frey was Olevia's friend. It's even taken to borrowing the penlight that meant so much to the pair to play with.

Olevia's Cat A cat that was once very close to Olevia.

Even Frey has no luck approaching this wary feline, which fleas whenever anyone draws near. Olevia was the only one I trusted, and the two could often be found playing together at the dump. Even now, this loyal creature sits and waits for its favorite human to return.

Olevia: A Cause for Kindness One of the many heartbreaking casualties of the violence wrought on Cipal.

Having lost her parents at an early age, Olevia was more aware than anyone of how fleeting human life can be. This knowledge was what drive her to live every day to its fullest—and to forge firm and lasing friends fast. She left a lasting impression on all those she met, Frey not least of all.

Olevia: Fleeting Shadow A specter of Frey's departed friend conjured up by Tanta Olas.

The phantom's plaintive please give Frey serious pause for thought, and although she was able to overcome the illusion in the end, it's resemblance to the late Olevia shook our hero to her core.

Olevia: Gone Too Soon A young girl tragically killed when Sila ordered a raid on Cipal.

In the aftermath of the attack, Frey was distraught to discover her young friend's body, still clutching the penlight that symbolized their budding friendship. Thankfully, despite the senseless violence that led to her death, her expression was a peaceful one.

Pilo Vashen A carpenter's Apprentice who was born and raised in Lower Cipal.

Pilo is a cheerful and likable young man, but he tends to let his enthusiasm get in the way of things, as his frequent mistakes in the workplace will attest. Well he hopes to accomplish something big one day, it's not immediately obvious what, or when he means to begin working in Earnest on achieving his dreams.

Frey's arrival from the dangerous outside world peaked his interest, and he offered to show her around Cipal in the hopes of getting into her good books.

Pilo: Lord of the Dance The irrepressible carpenter's apprentice couldn't have been happier to hear that Frey had defeated Sila. And he wasn't the only one buoyed by the news. Having never seen his hometown so overflowing with joy, Pilo decided to ask the hero of the hour to take a turn on the dance floor.
Pilo: Man of the People An eager Carpenter in the making whose enthusiasm still slightly outweighs his skill. Inspired by Frey's speech in the archives, Pilo decided to do what he could to help the people of Cipal after the disaster that befell them. And his effort since that day haven't gone unnoticed. Even his boss—who was forever on his back until only recently—has been impressed by his dedication to rebuilding the city and doing what he can to help his fellow citizens.
Robian Keen Auden's father, a prominent scholar who studies earned him the title of Cognoscent.

Being from Junoon, he began his career under Tanta Cinta, and was still in her service when he started studying the break twenty-one years ago. It was thought that he had been lost to the very subject of his research, but in fact, he managed to survive in isolation the entire time.

Quite how he managed to do so remains something of a mystery...

Robian: Overseer of the Athian The manager of The Athian, a cafe in "New York."

Somehow he gets by, despite constantly struggling with staffing issues. His last hire, in particular, is a waiter who simply won't do what he's told.

Cinta one of his most valued regulars, has been frequenting the place since before it ever became the hot spot it is today.

Robian: The Fight Is Yours Now A proud Cognoscent of Junoon who fought valiantly to rid Athia of the encroaching corruption, from its first appearance until his dying breath.

His eyes in those final moments were not filled with sadness, but with hope for generations to come. He passed away peacefully, having been reunited with his daughter at long last, and safe in the knowledge that Athia's future was in Auden and Frey's capable hands.

Robian: The Man in the Mask Robian in the unusual "getup" he was wearing when he and fray first met. His outfit seems to have been intended to help him blend in with the Broken, though the extent of its effectiveness remains unclear.

While he was once one of Athia's most brilliant scholars, his mind is now muddled, and his memories lie in disarray. His eccentric behavior draws unwanted attention and his words are often unintelligible, but his love for Auden, his one and only daughter, is as crystal clear as ever.

Tavernkeeper: People's Champion The landlord of the local pub, who insists on keeping the place going despite the pervasive air of despair. It's his firm belief that hope is what gets people through trying times—and if that hope is to be found at the bottom of a glass, then so be it. To that end, he means to keep serving drinks till he drops, even if his supply of special spices from Avoalet has dried up entirely.
Tavernkeeper: People's Publican The proprietor of Cipal's one and only in, who carries on business as usual despite the encroaching corruption.

He's keen to keep the tavern open, as it's the only place where people can relax with a well-earned drink. He's even added something new to the menu—an innovative concoction containing spices from Avoalet. There may be fewer people than previously around to enjoy it, but that won't stop him from offering the best service he can.

Tavernkeeper The Shady Tree's steadfast proprietor.

He takes an uncommon pride in his work, and aims to create an environment where his customers can comfortably enjoy their drinks. Not that you'd guess it from his demeanor— he's a man of few words who hardly ever talks about himself. In fact, no one in Cipal even knows his real name.

The locals love the Vsichni Ale he serves, and gulp it down by the barrelfull.

Treahy Duganur Visoria's representative on the Council of Cipal, appointed by Olas herself.

Treahy is extremely knowledgeable about Athia's flora and fauna, and once assisted Olas in her own research. He has always been a thoughtful man, unwilling to form opinions on things until he has given them do consideration—a habit he still practices in his duties as a council person.

He and Robian are both Cognoscents, and have been good friends for many a year.

Treahy: Fount of Wisdom A Cosnoscent of Visoria who worries deeply about Auden, daughter of his dear friend Robian.

In order to do what he can to help, he tells Frey about a powerful herb called giril, and explains where she can find it. And in doing so, he earns another great Insight from his unlikely young teacher—that while knowledge is necessary in order to help those in need, to have knowledge and not share it is as ineffective as having none at all

Treahy: Think of Tomorrow A dedicated educator disappointed by the children of Cipal's lack of interest in the pursuit of Knowledge. Frey happened across Treahy just as he was beginning to despair at ever being able to instill a love of learning in his young charges. However, an off-the-cuff comment she made inspired him to rethink his approach entirely, and experiment with some less traditional teaching techniques.
Wallace Sangeet A cheerful bard who performs his music in the lower city Square, seemingly without a care in the world. Having boasted to Frey that a Bard must roam the land to seek his inspiration, he quickly added that in his case, these Adventures happen only in his dreams.

He appears to be acquainted with Milia the guard, although she doesn't seem to be a fan of his frivolous attitude.

Wallace: The Blue Bard A bird who has taken to pondering life's ephemeral nature, and who is beginning to believe that nothing but tragedy awaits those who dare to love in such troubled times.

Though the songs he sings eloquently evoke the pain of the people of Cipal, their names tend to detract somewhat from the effect—much to Cuff's amusement.

Wallace: The Merry Minstrel A bard who has begun to perform again, motivated by a newfound purpose.

His new song is a celebratory ode to Cipal, though those keen of ear will hear in its notes of melancholic trace of times past

And while Milia seems to have moved on, the time they spent with one another was not wasted—Wallace learned from her what was lacking in himself. Even if what pass between them is indeed at an end, The starry-eyed minstrel's journey of self-discovery can now truly be said to have begun.

Wallace: What Worth's a Song? A Bard who is struggling to retain his faith in the healing power of music.

When he attempted to convince a downcast Milia that there was no use in becoming preoccupied with death, she retorted that he had no right to say so when he could not Escape his own past stung by her words, for once he could not bring himself to pick up his instrument and play.

Name Description
Advik One of Tanta Cinta's familiars. He can usually be found gracefully wandering the fields of Junoon, seemingly uncowed by the Break.

Advik was a gifted and dedicated musician, and would practice for hours in preparation for his regular performances at Junoon Castle. No one could fail to be impressed upon witnessing the dexterity with which he plucked the strings of his harp, all while perched on a specially built pedestal that allowed him to reach the strings.

Aramak One of Tanta Prav's familiars. She can usually be found padding quietly around Avoaelet, seemingly uncowed by the Break.

Aramak used to help Prav with her trials by searching for evidence at crime scenes. She always behaved demurely when conducting investigations in order not to attract unwanted attention, but it wasn't entirely clear if this was an act--even to Prav herself.

Bodhi One of Tanta Cinta's familiars. He can usually be found adventuring around Junoon, seemingly uncowed by the Break.

Bodhi was known for his green thumb, and contributed greatly to the development of Junoon's famous physic gardens. He would surround himself with his beloved plants day in and day out, leading some to describe him as the most hardworking of the Tanta's familiars. Even now, despite the effects the Break has had on Junoon's plant life, he can be seen tending to the few herbs that remain.

Chini One of Tanta Cinta's familiars. She can usually be found ambling through the fields of Junoon, seemingly uncowed by the Break.

Chini served as Cinta's personal attendant, spending most of her time within the walls of Junoon Castle. She was not especially good at her job, being quite forgetful and easygoing by nature, but the two of them were great friends, and everybody in the castle knew it.

Clere One of Tanta Sila's familiars. He can usually be found prowling around Praenost, seemingly uncowed by the Break.

Clere once served as Sila's second pair of eyes, patrolling the realm and Reporting back to her if trouble was afoot. When she lost her mind to the Break, he left her side to ensure that the people of Praenost made it to Cipal safely—but returned home immediately afterward—perhaps to watch over his beloved mistress from a safe distance.

Constantia One of Tanta Sila's familiars. She can usually be found frolicking around Praenost, seemingly uncowed by the Break.

Constantia was a faithful familiar, often entrusted with delivering Sila's most private correspondence. It is said that she came to know Praenost's every nook and cranny better than almost any other living soul--not just because her duties required her to travel extensively, but because she was also endlessly inquisitive by nature.

Eldie One of Tanta Olas's familiars. He can usually be found deep in thought around Visoria, seemingly uncowed by the Break.

Eldie was the most intelligent of the familiars, and could often be found helping Olas with her latest research. In fact, he was so shrewd that he came up with some surprisingly accurate theories regarding the true cause of the Break. He has yet to determine how to remove it, however, and thus spends his days sadly contemplating the Break-ridden Visoria, hoping to eventually discover the key to saving his beloved Realm.

Esha One of Tanta Cinta's familiars. She can usually be found walking around Junoon in a leisurely fashion, seemingly uncowed by the Break.

Esha was very well-read in the field of medicine, and successfully diagnosed countless sick Athians at the infirmary she once ran. her paws did make it tricky to perform complicated procedures, however, so she reluctantly entrusted these to her human assistants instead.

Gregoire One of Tanta Prav's familiars. He can usually be found relaxing around Avoaelet, seemingly uncowed by the Break.

Gregoire's talent for information-gathering led him to serve as Prav's chief source of intelligence on the goings-on around Athia. It seemed there was no secret he couldn't sniff out, be it gossip from around town or top secret military maneuverings. He even tried to dig up dirt on the Tantas themselves, but they proved too guarded even for him--a fact he regrets to this day.

Kalpana One of Tanta Cinta's familiars. She can usually be found pacing around Junoon, seemingly uncowed by the Break.

Kalpana was passionately dedicated to her research of medicinal herbs, and the development of many of Junoon's most potent medicines can be attributed to her efforts. She was a famous workaholic, often going days without a break to complete her latest experiment. Her frequent research frenzies were actually quite a nuisance to the pharmacists around her--not a single square inch of their workstations would be left uncluttered by her work.

Kennah One of Tanta Olas's familiars. She can usually be found roaming cheerfully around Visoria, seemingly uncowed by the Break.

Kennah was a devoted teacher to the schoolchildren of Athia. However, most Visorians cannot mention her name without being reminded of an infamous incident: on a hot summer's day, in the middle of a lesson, Kennah was so drowsy that she drifted off to sleep. Her young students quickly followed suit, leading to an entire classroom full of napping children.

Ledat One of Tanta Sila's familiars. He can usually be found dawdling around Praenost, seemingly uncowed by the Break.

Ledat served as a sort of intelligence officer, and was sent by Sila to spy on the enemy. However, his rather laid-back personality meant he often ended up napping on the job. He was even captured on one occasion, but luckily, the enemy was so taken by his cuteness that they never realized he was working for the other side.

Leite One of Tanta Olas's familiars. He can usually be found zipping around Visoria, seemingly uncowed by the Break.

Olas put Leite in charge of curating the Cognoscents' extensive natural history collection. During one of his trips into the field to gather a particularly rare insect, he chased it for so long and over such a great distance that he thoroughly lost his bearings. The Cognoscents ended up sending a special unit out to find him.

Mia One of Tanta Sila's familiars. She can usually be found lounging around Praenost, seemingly uncowed by the Break.

During wartime, Mia was in charge of delivering Sila's orders to her troops. Her adorable appearance made her a very popular sight on the front lines, and even the most battle-hardened soldiers couldn't resist petting her when she passed by.

Rinat One of Tanta Prav's familiars. She can usually be found sitting primly around Avoaelet, seemingly uncowed by the Break.

Rinat was once in charge of standing guard over the criminals Prav had imprisoned. When the Break encroached upon Avoalet, she was faced with a difficult decision: should she release the prisoners and save them, or leave them to their fate? In the end, she could not bear to let them die. She watches over the realm to this day, though there is nobody left for her to keep safe.

Saglan One of Tanta Prav's familiars. He can usually be found lolling around without a care in Avoaelet, seemingly uncowed by the Break.

Saglan frequently served as a judge's assistant in the courtrooms of Avoalet, and even filled in for a judge once when they were unavailable for duty. Sadly, the verdicts he handed down were so arbitrary that every one was overturned, and he was never allowed to preside over a courtroom again.

Sana One of Tanta Prav's familiars. He can usually be found bouncing friskily around Avoaelet, seemingly uncowed by the Break.

Sana was placed in charge of overseeing the citizens' nutrition. She would invariably encourage the people to eat more fresh fish, as Avoalet had such an ample supply of it. Some suspected that her enthusiasm was at least partially motivated by her own love of seafood, but she always claimed her recommendations where made on an entirely nutritional basis.

Sigrun One of Tanta Olas's familiars. He can usually be found living her best life around Visoria, seemingly uncowed by the Break.

Sigrun was one of Athia's few scholars of physics, and could often be found batting objects around in the name of research. Some Cognoscents had hushed conversations about whether she was really using her studies as an excuse to play, and while she overheard their whispering, Sigrun was never one to give much thought to others' opinions.

Zestion One of Tanta Olas's familiars. He can usually be found lazing around Visoria, seemingly uncowed by the Break.

Zestion was in charge of Visoria's largest library, though he was never particularly interested in the job. He often passed his time by climbing up the many precariously leaning stacks of books, and no matter how often he got stuck somewhere too high to climb down from, he never seemed to learn his lesson.

Ziti One of Tanta Sila's familiars. He can usually be found dashing around Praenost, seemingly uncowed by the Break.

Sila used to put Ziti on guard duty at Praenost Castle, despite his total lack of interest in the job. Time and again, he snuck off into the town only to be caught by a well-meaning citizen and delivered back to the castle for a scolding.


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