Name Description
Ball A craftsman of Cipal created this toy on a whim after catching sight of a local cat trying to play with a much larger ball meant for children. Lightweight yet durable, it can withstand even the most spirited bouts of batting and chasing. Unfortunately, some cats are too fidgety to enjoy playing with it for long.
Cat Grass This blend of grasses was developed by a keen-eyed Cognoscent who is inspired after spotting Stray Cats nibbling on the weeds outside his home. After a little experimenting, he settled on a mix that his feline friends found both delicious and nutritious. The same Cognoscent, along with several colleagues, began to conducting Research into why cats—carnivores by nature—might one too much on grass in the first place, but they're investigations were sadly interrupted by the spread of the Break.
Comfy Pillow Curling up with this pillow at a Pilgrim's Refuge or campsite will grant you a temporary beneficial affecting combat, much like the ones you might earn from a partha. This in itself makes it well worth owning—its plush Comfort is just the icing on the cake
  • Possessing this will allow you to earn temporary effects simply by sleeping that will help you in combat.
Compass A device that uses a magnetized needle to help the user find their way. Compasses aren't exactly cutting-edge technology in Frey's world, but they are still fairly revolutionary in Athia. Well she never had much need for one in New York, this one will prove pretty useful in helping her find her way around.
  • Possessing this will unlock the "Forage" option, which will allow you to gather items when camping.
Cookpot An ordinary cooking pot that has been converted by a cat lover into a cushioned cat Container. Though they may require a little convincing before jumping in, every animal adventurous enough to do so quickly warms to the plush surroundings. As a bonus, the cushion is quite easily removable should the pot be required for actual cooking.
Crafting Pot This magical vessel is capable of altering the fundamental qualities of natural resources. It Bears traces of both the Tantas' magic and Cognoscent-developed technology, but its original purpose is not entirely clear. Regardless, Frey we'll find it very handy when crafting with plants and minerals.
  • Possessing this will allow you to convert natural resources into other forms when crafting.
Gravity Lantern This curious Lantern possesses the ability to draw magical energy from its surroundings. It was originally designed at the behest of the Tantas, and though the purpose of this exercise has been lost to time, it's certainly invaluable to anyone who finds themselves in need of a little extra magic.
  • Possessing this will allow you to gather mana over a wider area.
Scratching Board A cat convenience originally designed by a carpenter who grew tired of his sharp clawed kitten ruining his walls. Other cat owners loved the idea, and commissioned him to make similar pieces, but unfortunately found out that such items are of little use if the cats can't be convinced to use them.
Sewing Kit There's nothing particularly magical about this sewing kit—Frey just feels oddly inspired whenever she looks at it. Her adventuring needs mean she mostly dreams up modern twists on the cloaks and accessories used in combat.
  • Possessing this will allow you to craft new cloaks and necklaces.
Toy When the Break forced countless Athians to Cipal, many brought their pets with them, and the resulting overcrowding soon made it difficult for their feline friends to carve out territory of their own. A certain sympathetic cat lover, keen to relieve his beloved pets distress at this situation, tried a few things before finally hitting on this simple but stress-relieving toy.

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