Name Description
Cuff: Frey's Best Bud Frey's trusty traveling companion.

While she likes to think of their partnership as a marriage of convenience, in truth, he might know her better than anyone else ever has.

Cuff: Frey's Right Hand The tried-and-true companion who helped Frey break free from Olas's illusion.

He forced his way into the world the twisted Tanta had created, desperate to drag his partner in crime back from the blissful ignorance of oblivion.

While his success was a testament to his own abilities, it also speaks to the depth of the bond that has grown between them.

Cuff: Trapped by the Tantas A messenger once sent to Athia from another land.

According to Cuff, the Tantas' infighting had already begun when he arrived. As a result, his attempts to negotiate with them failed, and he was transformed into a bracelet before being exiled to Earth.

Cuff: Vengeance Frustrated Susurrus, demon and destroyer of worlds, once more reduced to a mere wrist adornment.

He may have been robbed of his briefly restored powers, but he's as Keen as ever on bringing about Athia's destruction. Step one: drive Frey out of her mind, just as he did the Tantas before her. Despite all this, he's still the same old Cuff on the surface, ever ready with a suitably disdainful quip.

Cuff A sentient bracelet of uncertain origin who finds himself wrapped around phrase right wrist.

While Frey calls him "Cuff," he much prefers to think of himself as a noble vambrace.

His ability to change his form enables him to protect Frey from harm, making him quite the invaluable companion. As a trade-off, however, she's forced to put up with his seemingly endless sarcastic commentary....

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