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Firewood Dry, dense wood specially selected for the ease with which it catches fire and the length of time for which it burns.

It's perfect for building a warming blaze when setting up camp, but it's also relatively hard to come by. If you find some, be sure to grab it.

Healing Draught A traditional concoction made of balm flax that's capable of curing all manner of ailments.

There's hardly an Athian out there who doesn't know how to make it, and while there are those who fear the Break may have altered the properties of the local flora, for now at least, this staple medicine remains effective.

Old Coin Athian silver was once quite valuable in the days before the Break. Families who could afford to do so would often have a stockpile of these precious coins set aside in case of emergencies.

The cashless economic system of current-day Cipal has robbed these coins of their primary value, but it isn't impossible to find individuals who are willing to trade them for other curiosities.

Poppet Once a common site in Athia, these wooden dolls are now quite the rarity. Generations of Athians grew up with poppets for playthings, and they were once as plentiful as they were indicative of their makers' diverse backgrounds and personalities. Now, however, there is no one to make them, which has driven their value up considerably.

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