Balm Flax

Material Icon.pngBalm Flax

A medicinal plant that can be found throughout all of Athia's realms. In the years before the Break made exploration impossible, locals would often roam the countryside in search of balm flax to brew their own healing draughts with. Thankfully, it's hardy enough to have suffered no ill effects from the spread of the Corruption.

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Acquisition Edit Balm Flax's Miscellaneous Acquisition Information Uses Edit Balm Flax's Miscellaneous Use Information
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Rewarded at Landmark
Name Type Area
A Fortress Overrun Flashback The Guardians' Way
A Village Besieged Flashback The Mustering Ground
A Vital Outpost Flashback Water Garden
Downhill Dash Flashback Inner Visoria
Fortress Clear-Out Flashback The Moulderings
Head for the Plains Flashback Shepherd's Meadow
Impregnable Defenses Flashback The Blossomwoods
Monsters' Lair Flashback The Wolfwoods
Race for the Ramparts Flashback Pioneers' Plain
Requires: Crafting Pot
Yield: 2
Junoon's Mantle x 3
Used in Recipe
Name Yield Ingredient Amount Needed
Crag Grass 2 3
Fluteblossom 1 1
Healing Draught 1 2
Used to Apply Skill
Critical Hits Can Restore Health
Defense +5%
Health +5%
Poison Damage Halved When Health Is Low