Nails Icon.pngBeaucoup
Equipment Effects
Button-icon.png Surge Magic Recharge Rate Boosted Based on No. of Spells Learned
Button-icon.png All Damage -5%
 Lucid Cluster x 1 
Frey's inspiration for this striking design was the unique blend of colors and symbols that Athians believe represent the benefits that hard work and experience bring. Due to the complexity of the symbols, they are not often seen in Athian homes, especially as the aesthetic isn't to everyone's taste. When imbued with the power of the Tantas, this design boosts the charging speed of Surge Magic in proportion to the number of spells Frey has learned.
Beaucoup Image.png
Acquisition Edit Beaucoup's Miscellaneous Acquisition Information Uses Edit Beaucoup's Miscellaneous Use Information
Rewarded from Landmark
Name Type Area
Ruins of Alda Ruined Village Inner Visoria