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Chapter 1: Attachments

Athia Icon.pngChapter 1: Attachments

Mere days before Christmas, Frey finds herself in court facing a charge of grand larceny. Luckily for her, Judge Maya Bird decides to give her one last chance, and grants her a conditional release.

Her relief is short-lived, however. She is cornered on the way home by the very gang that ordered her to perform the crime she was arrested for. She manages to escape their clutches and finds her way home, but they eventually track her down. That night, they set fire to the building where she lives, and Frey loses nearly everything she owns.

Utterly defeated, she makes her way to the Holland Tunnel—the place where she was abandoned nearly twenty-one years before. But just as she's about to give in to despair, a glint of light catches her eye. It's a bracelet—and a valuable-looking one at that...

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Acquired during Quest
Name Chapter
Just Another Day Chapter 1