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A mysterious energy that flows through Athia's very veins, and lends its power to all living creatures. Despite its vital importance, only certain very special people can see it. Most go about their daily lives unaware that it flows all around them.

It originates from a wellspring deep underground, and the places where it springs forth from beneath the surface shine with a sacred light—at least for those with eyes to see it.

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Rewarded from Landmark
Name Type Area
A Bridge Too Far Flashback The Fountainfields
A Fortress Overrun Flashback The Guardians' Way
A Signal to Strike Flashback Middle Praenost
A Village Besieged Flashback The Mustering Ground
A Vital Outpost Flashback Water Garden
Back-Road Raid Flashback Yonder Cape
Downhill Dash Flashback Inner Visoria
Fortress Clear-Out Flashback The Moulderings
Head for the Plains Flashback Shepherd's Meadow
Impregnable Defenses Flashback The Blossomwoods
Monsters' Lair Flashback The Wolfwoods
Nightmare's Roost Flashback Visorian Plateau
Outpost at the Edge of Despair Flashback Academy Hills
Race for the Ramparts Flashback Pioneers' Plain
Raging Raider Flashback Brass Hollow
Run the Gauntlet Flashback Physic Garden
The Fallen Temple Flashback The Barren Plains
The Tempest Flashback Cipalian Way