Material Icon.pngSpinestone

This reddish rock is most commonly found in Praenost, a realm through which Tanta Sila's magic runs deep. Prolonged exposure to the Break has formed needle-like protrusions on its surface that share some of the properties of Breakshards, making it a useful crafting material.

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Acquisition Edit Spinestone's Miscellaneous Acquisition Information Uses Edit Spinestone's Miscellaneous Use Information
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Rewarded at Landmark
Name Type Area
A Signal to Strike Flashback Middle Praenost
Requires: Crafting Pot
Yield: 2
Grainstone x 3
Used in Recipe
Name Yield Ingredient Amount Needed
Anglestone 2 3
Diurnite 1 10
Used in Equipment Upgrade
Used to Upgrade Defense
Used to Upgrade Health
Used to Apply Skill
Casting Frequency Boosts Damage Inflicted
Damage Taken When Cuff Blocks Is Reduced
More Damage Inflicted at Close Range
Precision Counters Reduce Enemy Defense
Red Magic +2%
Support Magic Deals Extra Damage
Surge Damage Deals More Damage