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The Truth

Freysjourney.pngThe Truth
Frey's Journey
  1. Commune with the spirits of the Tantas.
  2. Approach the light.
  3. Follow the guiding light.
  4. Approach the light.
  5. Find the guiding light. (3 locations remaining.)
  6. Find the guiding light. (2 locations remaining.)
  7. Find the guiding light. (1 location remaining.)
  8. Approach the light.
  9. Approach the light.
  10. Defeat the enemy.
  11. Approach the light.
  12. Follow the guiding light. (x3)
  13. Approach the light.
  14. Defeat the gigantic enemy.
  15. Approach the light. (x2)
  16. Defeat any nearby enemies.
  17. Approach the light.
  18. Follow the guiding light.
  19. Defeat any nearby enemies.
  20. Approach the light.
  21. Follow the guiding light.
  22. Defeat the Bird.
  23. Approach the light.
  24. Find the guiding light. (three remaining.)
  25. Find the guiding light. (two remaining.)
  26. Find the guiding light. (one remaining.)
  27. Approach the light.
  28. Follow the guiding light.
  29. Look around the room.
  30. Make your choice.
Prior Quest: The Third Tanta
Next Quest: The Reckoning
Archives Found: Svargana
Founts of Blessing: Conduits of Souls
Monuments: A Power Entombed
Junoon Castle
Guiding Light
Lost Memories 1: Cinta's New Hope
Lost Memories 2: Susurrus, Silenced
Lost Memories 3: A Tanta's Power Sealed
Lost Memories 4: Madness
Lost Memories 5: Junoon's Fall
Frey's Choice
Chapter 11: Forspoken
NPCs: Cinta: Tanta of Love
Frey: Birth of a Legend
Olas: Tanta of Wisdom
Prav: Tanta of Justice
Sila: Tanta of Strength
Monsters: The Beast
The Bird
The Brute
Rewards: Olas's Magic