Chapter 3: The Interloper

Athia Icon.pngChapter 3: The Interloper

With Auden's help, Frey manages to escape the Tower of Binnoi. The two women strike a deal—Frey will retrieve Auden's father's journals in exchange for information that may help her get home.

She sets out for a Cognoscents' Guild in Praenost in search of them, and once there, not only does she find what she's looking for, but Robian—Auden's long-since-presumed-dead father—as well.

They return to Cipal together to find Tanta Sila attacking the City. The orphan Olevia is tragically killed in the ensuing violence, and as Frey clutches her young friends lifeless body, she vows to make Sila pay.

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Her Father's Findings Chapter 3