The Dragon Icon.pngDragon
Max. Health 4500
Attack 200
Magic Vulnerability Frey's Magic: 🡹🡹 (Very Strong)
Sila's Magic: 🡻 (Weak)
Prav's Magic: − (Neutral)
Olas's Magic: − (Neutral)
Experience 0
Height 66'1"
Weight 402,928.3 lb
A terrifying black serpent scene darkening the skies all over Athia. The wind of its wings alone is ferocious, and anyone foolish enough to get too close will be bitten, scratched, and whipped with its enormous tail before they've even had time to think. Add to that the great blasts of energy it can generate from the core in its chest, and you have an enemy so formidable that anyone facing it will have only two choices: Run or die.
Dragon Image.png
Fought during Quest
Name Chapter
Down the Rabbit Hole Chapter 2
Fought at Landmark
Name Chapter
Dragon (Flashback) Flashback