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Breakborn Icon.pngKelaino
Max. Health 545
Attack 56
Magic Vulnerability Frey's Magic: 🡻 (Weak)
Sila's Magic: 🡹🡹 (Very Strong)
Prav's Magic: 🡹 (Strong)
Olas's Magic: − (Neutral)
Experience 13
Items Dropped Leaden ClusterWelkin Cluster
Height 5'11"
Weight 142.6 lb
While they've taken on some birdlike traits in the process of becoming corrupted, this particular species can't actually fly. At best it can glide just a little way. But that doesn't mean it's not a threat—its cries can freeze enemies on the spot, leaving them entirely defenseless if it then chooses to attack.
Kelaino Image.png
Fought at Landmark
Name Chapter
Beryl Guild Cognoscents' Guild
Gyuzel Village
Ischi Village
Kabosharr Village
Kadmeia Guild Cognoscents' Guild
Rockshade Cave Cave
Ruins of Marr Ruined Village
Silex Guild Cognoscents' Guild
Zeffir Village