Leaden Cluster

Material Icon.pngLeaden Cluster

Breakshards are crystallized concentrations of Break that were never fully absorbed by the bodies of the Broken. This small cluster was left behind by a weaker enemy. It has reacted with Tanta Prav's magic, giving it a distinctive blueish tinge.

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Acquisition Edit Leaden Cluster's Miscellaneous Acquisition Information Uses Edit Leaden Cluster's Miscellaneous Use Information
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Dropped by Enemies
Name Health Attack Experience
Breakzombie 168 37 3
Canis Dirus 209 37 4
Hylonomus 1839 120 28
Kelaino 545 56 13
Merycodus 778 55 15
Miacis 496 67 11
Milleridae 392 43 10
Riven Carcass 355 87 1
Riven Jaw 546 90 1
Rewarded at Landmark
Name Type Area
Tanta Prav (Flashback) Flashback Avoalet Castle
Requires: Modify
Yield: 2
Fervid Cluster x 3
Used in Recipe
Name Yield Ingredient Amount Needed
Lambent Cluster 2 3
Leaden Bloom 1 4
Leaden Bloom 2 2
Used in Equipment Upgrade
Used to Upgrade Blue Magic
Used to Apply Skill
Immune to Dazing
Improved Poison Resistance