Breakbeast Icon.pngMilleridae
Max. Health 392
Attack 43
Magic Vulnerability Frey's Magic: 🡹🡹 (Very Strong)
Sila's Magic: − (Neutral)
Prav's Magic: − (Neutral)
Olas's Magic: 🡹 (Strong)
Experience 10
Items Dropped Fervid ClusterLeaden Cluster
Height 15'6"
Weight 1,354.5 lb
Originally a large lizard native to Athia. Exposure to the Corruption has created a real monster, with the poison that drips from its claws and fangs—originally intended to subdue its diminutive pray—having been hyperactivated to become a truly deadly toxin. Its kind can be found roaming in small packs all over Praenost, and near Cipal as well, and while their behavior might not be that different than it used to be, they've grown considerably more aggressive.
Milleridae Image.png