Errant Soldier

The Tantas' Underlings Icon.pngErrant Soldier
Max. Health 450
Attack 100
Magic Vulnerability Frey's Magic: − (Neutral)
Sila's Magic: 🡻 (Weak)
Prav's Magic: − (Neutral)
Olas's Magic: 🡹🡹 (Very Strong)
Experience 18
Items Dropped Fervid BloomFervid ClusterLucid Cluster
Height 6'10"
Weight 274.9 lb
A soldier created by Tanta Sila using her sorcerous powers. It's most notable for its spear and enormous shield, which can deflect almost anything, and occasionally even emits fireballs. It relies on its defensive prowess more than nimble footwork, and will often work with its comrades to try and corner of foe. It's possessed of only rudimentary intelligence, and lacks a will of its own, living only to crush those who dare defy the mighty Sila.
Errant Soldier Image.png
Fought during Quest
Name Chapter
Her Father's Findings Chapter 3
Fought at Landmark
Name Chapter
Brass Cavern Cave
Ligare Village
Militis Academy Relic of the Tantas
Ruins of Pagus Ruined Village
Tanta Sila (Flashback) Flashback
Vivus Village