Fervid Bloom

Material Icon.pngFervid Bloom

Breakshards are crystallized concentrations of Break that were never fully absorbed by the bodies of the Broken. Several clusters have combined to form this bloom, which was left behind by a weaker enemy. It has reacted with Tanta Sila's magic, giving it a distinctive reddish tinge.

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Acquisition Edit Fervid Bloom's Miscellaneous Acquisition Information Uses Edit Fervid Bloom's Miscellaneous Use Information
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Dropped by Enemies
Name Health Attack Experience
Aiolornis 1012 146 26
Amphicyon 512 66 31
Borophagus 1530 115 76
Errant Soldier 450 100 18
Euclaros 1719 150 20
Gruagach 772 94 15
Kyptoceras 801 84 9
Lesser Apsaravis
Ogre 2949 104 84
Proto Apsaravis
Recreant Knight 3000 170 48
Stegotretus 1611 114 41
Sulcavis 717 112 54
Troodon 837 65 15
Rewarded at Landmark
Name Type Area
The Fallen Temple Flashback The Barren Plains
Requires: Rarify
Yield: 1
Fervid Cluster x 4
Requires: Modify
Yield: 2
Welkin Bloom x 3
Used in Recipe
Name Yield Ingredient Amount Needed
Leaden Bloom 1 4
Leaden Bloom 2 2
Used in Equipment Upgrade
Used to Upgrade Health
Used to Upgrade Red Magic
Used in Effect Upgrade
Used to Apply Skill
Attack Magic Triggered during Parkour Deals Extra Damage
Critical Damage Boosted
Enemies Can Be Knocked to the Ground More Easily When Surge Magic Is Fully Charged
Killer Blows Boost Surge Magic Recharge Rate
Surge Damage Recharge Rate Boosted When Only One Enemy Is Present